UK Small Business Startup Guide for Noobs Like us (Infographic)

Fancy starting up a business in the United Kingdom but don’t know where or how to begin? This post (and infographic) can be your lifesaver. Read on.

UK startup guide

Starting a small business – wherever in the world you are – is challenging. Even if you know exactly what business you want to start, or even if you already sufficient capital for your startup, there are hundreds of things you still need to do before it’s operational.

If you are a brand new entrepreneur with no proper small business startup experience, it can be overwhelming: You need to figure out what’s your business name is going to be, how to register it, how to choose a premise, how to deal with hiring, how to promote, and many other issues need addressing and questions need answering. If you choose the path of a sole trader (like most do), things are even more challenging, because you need to think about all of those on your own. You certainly need help. Fast.

Joining a community, connecting with a mentor, hiring a consultant… you can definitely tap on such great resources. But still, you need to be ‘well-versed’ when it comes on how to start your business – it’s YOUR brain child!

Fortunately, there is a guide that can act as your roadmap: HelloPrint has created this handy step-by-step startup guide to help new startups get off the ground.

Take a look at it below: