Why Magento is a Preferred E-Commerce Platform?

In any organizations, the most important decision to make is in allocating the right resources to the right business functions.  This holds true for eCommerce operations: You need to use the right platform, in such a way that it can enable your eCommerce site to fulfill its purpose of showcasing your products and services, as well as helping customers in finding what they are looking for.

Choices are aplenty, but only a few stands out.  Magento is one of them. It’s an open source platform for the e-commerce site with rich features that makes building an e-commerce site easier and quicker.

So, is Magento a good solution for your retail business’ online presence?

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Why Magento eCommerce platform

According to some researches, Magento accounts for 30 percent of the eCommerce platforms’ market share, with the Community Edition accounts for 25.6% and Enterprise totalled 4.4% of overall market share.

eCommerce platforms market share

Their market leadership is not without reason: They are versatile, responsive and follow almost all best practices that eventually help clients to build an eCommerce site that is user-friendly and easier to be found online.

Key benefits of using Magento

So, what are the benefits of using Magento as your choice of eCommerce platform?

  1. Save money and time: A custom-built eCommerce site can cost you thousands of dollar.  A Magento-powered site costs a fraction of that – thanks to the availability of extensions and plugins.  This versatility also means that your site development is cut in half – no need for you to build everything ground-up.
  2. Flexibility: You can easily connect your Magento-powered eCommerce site with third-party apps, like payment platforms (e.g. Paypal), newsletter platforms (e.g. MailChimp), financial management (e.g. QuickBooks), and so on.
  3. Easy content management: Managing your content with Magento is truly a pleasant experience. Magento’s visual page editor enables eCommerce site owners to build and update the site content – including the offerings – in real time.
  4. Rich built-in features: Running a full-fledged eCommerce site is quite complex, as you need to handle many issues, such as content display and management, site speed, SEO, and on-site navigation. Magento has all that is ready for you, supported by an intuitive administrative interface.
  5. User-friendly interface: Magento’s interface makes it easy even for a non-techie to build a functional eCommerce site, add content and so on – just like a pro.
  6. Easy upsell and cross-sell: You can easily activate the functions that enable you to upsell and cross-sell on product pages, as well as checkout pages.  More sales per customer is always a nice addition, don’t you think?
  7. Responsive design: One-third of eCommerce purchases are made via mobile devices. This particular stat means that your online shop must be user-friendly, accessed from any devices. An eCommerce platform that allows clients to build a responsive web design easily is well-sought-after; this is exactly what’s offered by Magento.
  8. Open source platform: Magento is an open source platform, and it is fully dedicated for the development of the e-commerce sites. It means you can access to Magento platform for FREE and on developing your site on Magento, you essentially take the best decision for your e-commerce business.

Magento features that you may not know about

There are plenty of other Magento features that you can access. Here are some of the ‘hidden’ features that you may not know about:

Magento features you may not know about - infographic
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Magento is meant for those who want a stable and reliable platform that can support their eCommerce operations. With a strong community that backs the eCommerce platform (more than 240K businesses and 800K developers worldwide!), you can expect the platform to be continuously developed, which also means that there will be more features available for users.

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