Brand Storytelling: How to Use Knovio to Tell your Brand’s Story

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Knovio. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today, I’d like to talk about brand storytelling and how my favorite tool, Knovio, can help you create a beautiful story about your brands.

But first things first: Why do you need to tell a story?

Did you know what’s challenging in marketing your brand in today’s world? There are many challenges, but for me, the foremost is in grabbing your target market’s attention.

Involved in Inbound Marketing as a practitioner and service provider, I found that the most effective ways in grabbing your audience’s attention is by telling a story about your brand.

The reason why storytelling rocks is very simple: Stories engage and captivate your audience; sales pitches don’t – no matter how groundbreaking your brands and products are.

Storytelling “primes” your audience. Your stories can help to relate your brands with your target market. This sense of relatedness helps your sales process, all the way to eventually closing the deal.

Which tools?

You already have a story to tell to the world. Now you need to create it using the right tools. The question is, which ones?

Well, there are many tools that you can use in creating your story in any forms – videos, audios, texts, and so on – but there is one tool that I want you to pay attention to: Knovio.

Knovio homepage screenshot

Knovio is an innovative tool that you can use to turn your PowerPoint slides into rich audio and video presentation that you can view on-demand or share on your favorite video publishing platform, like YouTube.

Why Knovio?

Marketers use PowerPoint slides to tell their brands’ story for quite some time. But accessing those slides on SlideShare or other slide sharing platforms is not really that exciting: Images and layouts are great, but without animation and sound, these don’t engage much.

Marketers also use videos and podcasts to tell their stories, but again, those are not complete without images and text that can help you make your point.

What marketers need is video storytelling, featuring the marketer (or a public figure or an actor, if you will) presenting his story using slides. Think a TedTalk session that incorporates presentation slides – in the format of a webinar.

Pretty neat, don’t you think?

Think of the application like this, other than brand storytelling: Enhancing a resume, teaching a course, illustrating a process, documenting your travel, pitching an idea, and so on.

Okay – I get it. But how to use it? Is it easy to use?

Yes. It’s very easy to use, and you’ll just need minutes to master the whole process.

To demonstrate, let me guide you through the process (this is my actual step-by-step):

Step #1: Before you sign up…

You can start using Knovio by signing up for a Knovio Pro free trial account. The reason is so that you can access the wealth of features offered only to Pro users – then you can decide later whether the Pro version is for you or not.

FYI, here are the features of Knovio Pro:

  • Unlimited number and length of your presentations
  • Your published presentations are accessible 24/7 worldwide
  • Support of PowerPoint animations
  • Design templates that you can customize
  • Export high-definition video files (1080p) and share easily in emails, websites or social media

I’d also like to mention that you can access Knovio from any devices that you can think of: Desktops, Android-powered devices, and iOS-powered devices. Create a video presentation anytime, anywhere.

Step #2: Sign up, please

Signing up is easy: Fill out some basic info, and you’re good to go.

Once you’re done, you’ll be directed to a system test window, letting you know that Knovio needs to check everything to make recording a breeze. The check includes permission to allow Knovio to access your camera and phone.

You can choose to skip the system check process, but I suggest that you do it right now, because you’ll need to do it later, anyway.

Step #3: Upload a slide

To get started, you need to upload a slide. I chose to upload a PowerPoint template from HubSpot, as I’m a big fan of HubSpot’s resources. You can, of course, choose any slides you want. If you are still looking for a template, Knovio has a library full of practice slides – you can upload any of those if you like.

Knovio screenshot - upload presentation

As you wait for your slide to be uploaded, you’ll see some useful tips. I personally enjoy the tips that remind you things that are important – such as maintain your eye contact during a webcam session.

If your Internet connection’s bandwidth is not that fast, you’ll get a warning for it, and a suggestion that you record an auto-only version of your presentation. You can insist on recording a video, but please be aware that there might be some quality issues – and it’s not Knovio’s fault :)

Step #4: Start recording

You’ll start on cue, and when it’s finally started, you can just explain your way through the slides, and continue recording as you sift through your slides. You can re-record if you don’t like seeing yourself blabbering out-of-context.

Knovio screenshot - recorder's note

When you’re finally done, press stop and you can proceed to preview before finally publishing your presentation. That’s all – nice and easy.

For video distribution, you’ll get a unique code to embed your presentation in emails or websites. You can also share your presentation on social media or download it if you like for your personal needs or distribution via YouTube or other video platforms.

Later on, you can edit, duplicate, delete – pretty much everything, really.


When it comes to possibilities, the sky’s the limit for Knovio. You can use Knovio to create virtually anything such as selling your product and including telling your brand’s story.

Knovio is easy to use, and it requires nothing but your story, supporting slides, video clips and animations – and your creativity.

I’ve tried Knovio, and I’m quite impressed by the wealth of features. Now it’s your turn: Try Knovio Pro.

What do you think of Knovio Pro? What would you use Knovio Pro for? Please share your opinion with us!

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