The Importance of Building your Online Profile Through Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms aren’t just popular for following your favourite celebrities or declaring your undying love for the latest X Factor star. They can also be used to build your professional profile and help you gain a job.

Using social media for building a professional profile and getting a job

The canny job hunter

No matter how well qualified you are, finding a job is tough. An article in the HR magazine Personnel Today revealed recently that for every job in the admin sector there are 57 applicants. If you learn how to harness the power of social media you can search for vacancies on job sites, such as those at Jobstoday and increase your chances of success by boosting your online social media profile. The key is to use all the resources at your disposal and harness them to promote yourself.

The power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is growing in importance to help brands source ideal applicants and also to help job seekers come to the attention of employers. The platform has 15 million members in the UK alone.

A recent article in Marie Claire gives a useful run down on the most effective way to use this tool. LinkedIn works through key word; if you are looking for a job in a specific industry, then include keywords relating to that industry on your online CV. Some employers won’t even look at a paper CV unless you’re also on LinkedIn. Skilful use of keywords mean that when a recruiter in your industry is advertising a job, then all of the details will be sent to your Inbox. The platform also has a job seeker group, which can prove invaluable.

Organise your social media

If you use Twitter, make sure that you follow your favourite brands. If you dream of working at a certain company then follow it. If you put these companies in the Lists section on Twitter, then you’ll be able to read about them in your timeline. Some companies only offer vacancies through their social media pages; it’s much cheaper than advertising in the national press, so make sure that you sure that you tweet using the hashtags that are relevant for your sector. With the growing popularity of online media you really should learn how to use this tool.

Twitter profile
photo credit: Yung Tsai / Flickr

Think about your profile

If you want prospective employers to take you seriously, then make sure your profile looks good. An employer probably doesn’t want to see that you love partying every night, leave those details for a social account. Always think about what you write and make your profile as clear and concise as possible. If you write about your skills as part of your profile, think in terms of newspaper headlines. Then at least if an employer has looked you up on one social media platform they’ll see consistency on all of your other profiles.

Contacts and Followers

Once you’ve mastered the basics of social media as a professional job search tool, you’ll be surprised how it can help you in your search for employment. If a company that you follow announces that it’s expanding, contact them, find out if there might be a place for you. In the contemporary jobs market employers are looking for skills and ingenuity. No one is going to come to your house and offer you a job on a plate.