How to Support your Staff Through a Company Restructuring

Change in the workplace can be challenging for managers and employees alike. Some of your members of staff may respond positively to the prospect of a company restructuring, however others might panic at the thought.

While organisational change can be a complicated and lengthy process in itself, knowing how to support your workforce at the same time can be equally tough. However, there is help at hand. If you lack experience when it comes to steering your workers through periods of upheaval, you can enlist the help of a third-party expert. Human resource specialists such as Penna can provide a range of solutions to make these situations easier. Moreover, here are three simple tips you could take on board that may help you support your staff through these changes.

Guiding employees through company restructuring


It’s important that you are honest and upfront with your employees from the outset. As soon as decisions are made, it’s vital that your workforce are given as much information as you can divulge about how exactly it will impact on their roles.

Being truthful and open will gain you respect. Although you may think that withholding some pieces of information from your members of staff may spare their feelings, putting yourself in this position will only make it harder further down the line.

If you make sure you have a sincere answer for even the most difficult questions,your honesty should help to keep your employees satisfied.


It’s likely that each individual will react differently, and some members of your team may take the news badly. So that your employees aren’t left feeling confused and upset by the restructuring process, be sure to offer reassurance, particularly to those who need it most.

It might be a good idea to speak to each member of your workforce separately. During this time you could listen to their concerns and offer your advice. If the changes involve some people being made redundant, it’s important to broach this with the utmost sensitivity.

Making time for your most vulnerable colleagues may make the situation a little easier for them.

Helping employees through restructuring

Practical help

During the transition process, you might want to offer your employees some practical help. For example, providing outplacement services will make it easier for those who have been made redundant to find new employment. Outplacement works to assist employees by providing expert advice to identify their objectives and plan how to obtain these goals. This service can also provide personnel with valuable skills to help ensure they are successful in their job searches. Not only is this beneficial for the future of your employees, but it will also safeguard your firm’s reputation.


While a company restructuring may be great for your business, it’s important to think of how this can affect your staff. However, if you’re honest, offer reassurance and provide practical help, you should be successful in supporting your employees through this potentially complex time.