Moving a Business: Tips for Relocating Without Disrupting Normal Operations

There are any number of reasons why a business may need to move and whether you are a large or local business, it can be a logistical nightmare unless you plan properly for the intended relocation. Whether you are doing the move yourself or using professionals, such as those found here , these tips will help ease the process.

View moving as an opportunity

Your primary aim is to try and achieve a smooth transition from your old business premises to a new location with the minimum about of disruption to your daily operations.

There are plenty of customers who may not be that understanding of the reasons why you can’t fulfil their order on time and you don’t want to see employees standing around waiting for things to be connected up again after the move.

The positive approach to take is to view moving as an opportunity to review how your business runs and find ways to make it more streamlined.

Moving a business

Blank canvas

If you are moving into a brand new office space, it really is a blank canvas where you get the perfect chance to arrange your physical office space in such a way that you can achieve a more positive employee experience and culture, simply by designing the workspace in the most efficient way possible.

As well as working on the architecture and design of your new working environment, you will also want to have the services of people like Electrical Connection union electricians, so that all the infrastructure like power points and data cabling are exactly where you want them in time for moving day.

Plan your space

When making your plans for your new working space, be sure to involve employees in the process.

Carrying out surveys and observing how employees work best will enable you to make crucial design decisions such as whether you are going for a more free-flowing open-plan layout or whether you prefer to install individual cubicles.

Don’t forget to include different areas in your design that provide more casual areas for encouraging collaboration as well as relaxation away from the main working area.

Appoint someone as a project manager for your move so that every detail and decision can be documented and tracked, and allow plenty of time for the move so that all of the design and installation decisions made, can then be implemented in plenty of time and ensure that disruption is minimal when the time to move arrives.

Think about your green credentials

Moving to a new business premises is also a good opportunity to grasp your environmental responsibilities, as well as making savings on running costs.

Consider environmentally-friendly options such as low voltage wiring and light fixtures, which are compatible with low energy light bulbs. Consider installing eco-friendly furniture and using recyclable office supplies as well as considering the idea of introducing remote working where possible, to reduce commuting costs and your company’s carbon footprint overall.

Thinking about your green credentials might not seem a top priority when you are planning a move, but it is actually a decent opportunity to make a difference to how your business runs and how you are viewed by your customers and suppliers.

We have moved to a new office!

Don’t forget your SEO

Many businesses now have a strong online presence and rely heavily on the internet for customer orders and driving sales.

What tends to be forgotten amongst all the planning for a physical move is that a change of address can have a detrimental on your Google ranking.

The basic issue is that your NAP (name, address and phone number) are three fundamental pieces of information which search engines like Google use in order to categorize and understand what your business does.

This information is then used to provide accurate and reliable search results for anyone searching Google for a business or service like yours. You will find that Google is constantly fact-checking this NAP information on your website and comparing it against your NAP on external sites like Yelp and other online directories.

Changing your address could have a detrimental effect on your search visibility of Google finds inconsistencies in your NAP and downgrades your ranking as a result.

Make it a priority to change your physical address online in as many places as possible. Although there is no doubt that this is a laborious process and a drain on your time, it is something that needs to be planned for and done, if you want customers to find you easily when searching online.

Moving business is a major undertaking but it is a task that can be achieved more easily when you plan and prepare for the big day.