What you Need to Know About Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office has long been a staple of the business world, a package that brings together several necessary applications in one, easy to access place. It’s become a staple of offices the world over, and as time goes on Microsoft Office has updated continuously to improve the overall experience of using it.

Microsoft Office 2016

There’s been a lot of talk about Microsoft’s latest version of Office, and with so many people taking advantage of the free upgrade available it’s time for businesses to consider how Microsoft Office 2016 can benefit them and transform the way that they operate for the better, as well as considering options for certification from companies like Global Knowledge Network Training Limited.

Office 2016 screenshots
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Collaborative and Remote Work

For the more casual user there isn’t a huge distinction between the Office packages, businesses will notice immediately that the upgrade has a strong focus on collaboration and improving the experience of using it. Office apps have enabled co-authoring of documents for some time now, but Microsoft 2016 has stepped up its game and given people the chance to work together in real time. Collaborative work is becoming more common in the work place, and thanks to the improvements made to Office it’s easier than ever.

Employees can work together on Word documents and Power Point Presentations from anywhere and at any time, as well as being able to monitor any changes in real time. This promotes better team workflow and can have a great impact on productivity too. The applications can also be accessed remotely, so you can work on a project from home or when you’re away from the office.

OneNote Notebook Sharing

While OneNote is an incredibly useful app, it is often forgotten about or underused by businesses in particular. Office 2016 has ensured that the OneNote notebook app is the perfect central resource for any major projects that requires input from multiple people, as it can work with pretty much any kind of document.

OneNote 2016 for Mac - screenshot
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Whether you’re working with text, images, spreadsheets or even emails, you can share your OneNote Notebook with anyone you want and at any time.

Better Visualisation of Data

Businesses sometimes need to present data in a visually appealing and accessible way. Whether it’s presenting data within the office or to clients and customers, it’s important that businesses are able to present that data in a way that is simple to understand whilst offering valuable insights. Microsoft has moved beyond pie charts and offers multiple charting options.

Office 2016 data visualization preview

While the application is only as good as the data, businesses now have plenty of options to present their data in a way that is practical to them. It even comes with simple colour coding for convenience and simplicity.

Email Management

Handling emails can be time consuming, to the point that it can actually have a negative impact on productivity as people spend more time dealing with emails than actually dealing with the tasks for the day. Microsoft Outlook for 2016 has introduced some new features to help people handle their email in a more efficient and practical manner.

Outlook 2016 for email management - screenshot

The application is better enabled for dealing with spam, and people can access the important emails immediately instead of having to sift their way through the junk and lower priority messages that appear in their inbox throughout the day.

Simplified Sharing

The introduction of the ‘share’ button now means that it’s easier than ever to share documents with others.

Office 2016 introduces share button
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All you have to do is save your documents from Word, Excel and Powerpoint to the One Drive, you can create a one-stop location to access your co-authored documents and work on them whenever you need to.

As can be seen, Microsoft Office 2016 has taken some great steps towards an efficient and invaluable system of applications that empower businesses.