Crowdsourced Marketing Company DOZ Offering Several New Incentives to Try their SaaS Marketing Service Right Now

Just a few short months ago, the full service online marketing SaaS platform, DOZ signed a deal with startup accelerator Start’in Poste. The program has been met with great enthusiasm by entrepreneurs worldwide and has generated lots of great press for the two partners.

During that time, DOZ has collected a lot of data due to all the extra business and feedback they’ve received. They’ve improved the usability and features of their online marketing software ten-fold in an effort to solidify their SaaS crowdsourced marketing brand.

DOZ screenshot

Their new offer includes improvements to the user interface and functionality, along with 50 completely free DOZ credits to use however the customer wishes, on whichever project they require extra services that aren’t included with the package they choose at sign up.

As per their vision, DOZ is committed to helping online brands, big and small, to fulfill all their marketing needs at the click of a mouse, and become the #1 provider of highly vetted marketing pros worldwide.

DOZ’ service in a nutshell:

  • Over 6,000 highly vetted, highly experienced crowdsourced marketing experts at the customer’s fingertips, on demand.
  • Marketing professionals from 21 countries available to serve each customer’s unique and individual needs.
  • Complete, all-in-one transparent and intuitive online marketing software that’s being continuously refined and improved per user feedback.

DOZ offers staffing solutions to brands of any size. Whether a customer be an established name brand, private online marketer, casual blogger, or full-fledged webmaster; DOZ wants to be the organic marketing solution of choice for any brand seeking an online software management solution for all their online marketing projects.

DOZ and their partners offer customers a fully functioning online SEO and social media marketing platform, as well as the ability to be a one-stop content marketing solution for all their loyal customers.

DOZ local marketers in 21 countries

50 new reasons to try DOZ’ online marketing service right now

Now, DOZ seeks to further their goal to become the top international online marketing solution provider by offering new customers 50 DOZ Credits to spend on their campaigns after sign up. These credits are offered regardless of which of the 3 packages a customer chooses: Basic, Pro or Enterprise.

In addition to the current sign up promotion, DOZ’ listened to customer feedback to improve their SaaS marketing software with new features such as:

  1. Even faster push-button access to international marketing experts.
  2. Ability to filter assignments based on project status or project deadline.
  3. Increased management of team members and their roles in individual projects.
  4. Ability to choose preferred marketing experts.
  5. Improved UI design to make the end user experience seamless and save more of their valuable time.

There’s no better time to give DOZ a trial run

Even if a client’s not 100% sure they can benefit from the service, DOZ’ limited Basic package is free to try for as long as they want, including the added 50 free DOZ Credits to use as they please.

Established marketers looking for even more expert staffing options are free to contact DOZ’ staff anytime by email or phone for a customized service solution to fit their needs.