7 Golden Rules to Selling Real Estate

How would you feel if you had the confidence to close any sale that was put in front of you? How much comfort would you have if you knew that you could take any bold action that would convince buyers to say ‘yes’?

There are some real estate agents that seem to have the Midas touch, where anything they say or do turns to gold. Some property sellers feel as if this special touch is exclusive to real estate agents when in fact anyone that is selling a property can sell their property for their desired price.

LocalAgentFinder, the comparison website that connects home sellers with estate agents recommends the following tips for property vendors to earn more from the sale of their property.

Closing real estate deal

Keep your prospective buyers pipeline full

If you want to maximise your property’s sales price, you need to ensure that your buyer pipeline remains full of qualified prospects. Dedicate at least 20% of your time to prospecting potential buyers. Ideally, try to generate a prospective buyer’s database of 100 contacts each week.

Ensure that you spend your time productively

In real estate, there are many ways to keep busy. However, being busy doesn’t exactly translate into being productive. You want to ensure that the tasks and actions that you are working on every day contribute to the dollar value of your property listing. If it doesn’t add to your dollar value, then it is detracting from it. Identify those tasks that diminish your dollar value and outsource or delegate those tasks to people that can manage it.

Be as bold as a real estate agent – No buyers will have confidence in the timid!

As a property seller, you need to radiate a sense of confidence in your behaviours, habits, mannerisms and actions. Ensure that you develop a plan that will attract buyers who will pay the price for the property that you are selling.

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Condition yourself to become an ‘attraction property vendor’

A real estate agent will know that they have hit that point of success when inbound leads start coming in. As a property seller, you want to know that you have done enough promotional work to attract private buyers either through referrals or your own marketing. Ensure that you get yourself in front of prospective sellers in the market by conducting inbound advertising activities such as:

  • Print media marketing
  • Web marketing
  • Direct mail marketing

Win the hearts of your prospects through your actions

The number one action to keep in mind is to sell their property at the highest price. Look at the successful methods of other real estate agents that have sold millions of dollars worth of properties to see how they win over the confidence of prospective buyers.

Actions speak louder than words - Simon Sinek quote

Your personal brand is your greatest asset – guard it with your life!

Your strongest sales asset will be your reputation and brand reception with others. The greatest endorsement in real estate is to receive buyer referrals from others that have recommended your property.

Keep your hands clean

There are property sellers and agents that get tempted to engage in unethical tactics to win over buyers. While they may work in the short-term, it will only damage your reputation and credibility over the long-term. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

Every property seller has the opportunity to get their desired price if they know how to apply proven sales tactics. Follow these 7 golden rules and maximise the sales price of your property today.