The Opiate Epidemic: A Problem for the Working Class

For most people, addiction is a battle that they fight every day. With all of the different drugs out there, these addictions can become quite significant. Among the most common problems that has stricken the working class is opiate addiction.

Most employers now have special drug testing kits specifically for prescription opiates. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this widespread epidemic. While pinpointing these factors is important, it is going to be hard to stop this problem until some real reforms within the workplace – and world of medicine in general – take place.

Employee taking medicine

Below are some of the factors that are contributing to this epidemic.

The Injudicious Prescribing By Doctors

Among the biggest factors that is contributing to the increase opiate addictions are the prescription practices of some doctors. There are a number of doctors out there that will prescribe very powerful pain killers for even the smallest ailments. The more that these pills are put out on the open market, the higher the risk will become for more and more opiate addictions and deaths.

Rather than giving out these power painkillers for any type of ailment, there needs to be a universal understanding of what these powerful pills can treat. While there are some extreme cases where powerful painkillers will need to be user, there are a lot more cases where they are being misused for the wrong reasons.

The Expectations of a Patient

While some want to put all of the blame for this problem on the shoulders of the doctors, patients also have a huge role in this process. Some patients will go into the doctor already expecting a painkiller for their problems. If they are not able to get the pills they want from one doctor, they will shop around until they find what they want.

A patient has to realize that by seeking out these types of pills, they are doing harm to themselves – and their careers especially if they do not need them.

Online Availability

Another very common reason why this type of epidemic has taken hold is due to the availability online. There are a variety of sites out there that offer pain pills for sale. This high level of availability is allowing people to get these pills without having a prescription. The only way that this type of issue can be remedied is by having swift and decisive action by the law enforcement community. Getting these sites shutdown will take some time, but it is possible to do.

By lobbying for stronger laws on these types of online drug dealers, people will be able to stop the flow of opiates to the hands that do not need them. People are going to have to accept that there is a problem and that certain loopholes are allowing online drug sellers to profit from the misery of others.

Examining all of the causes of this opiate addiction issue is the only way that a comprehensive solution can be found. As an employer, your job is to find the right solution for your employees and help them in solving their problem, rather than punishing – even firing them.