5 Reasons Why your Startup Needs Storage

5 Reasons Why your Startup Needs Storage

In 2015, it was announced that a record 5.4 million private sector businesses are trading here in the UK alone as people leave their traditional 9-5 jobs behind and start out on their own in an industry they enjoy. The side effect of this is the rise in supportive and complementary services like business financing, storage/warehousing, delivery services, and so on.

In this article, we’re going to focus on business storage – an important, yet often overlooked necessity for a growing startup. Chances are, you are one of many that don’t seriously consider storage services as an important part of your logistics.

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There are numerous reasons why your business needs storage; if you haven’t considered it important before then take a moment to contemplate these reasons for employing some storage solutions into your business plan:

1. Security

As a start up business you more than likely have surplus stock, equipment and furniture you perhaps don’t need at this moment in time and a storage solution allows you to securely store these things until you need them. Most storage suppliers offer around the clock CCTV, human security and pin codes to ensure anything you lock away is kept locked away.

2. Saving space

If you’re working from a hot desk or a tiny office while first starting out you’re definitely going to need some extra storage space for your products or surplus equipment. Perhaps you’re even starting from home and selling online; many traders who do this work from a storage unit that holds their stock which they can then access when orders are placed on their site. It saves you filling that spare bedroom up to the ceiling with boxes!

3. Ability to hold more stock

Another space saving remedy, a storage unit allows you to hold more stock than you might have initially thought possible which will have a positive impact on your business as you can take more orders and avoid delays when it comes to dispatching them. It’s a good idea to check with the storage facility you are using that it can be used for business purposes before signing up and moving stock in though. Many of the well known storage suppliers – such as RSS – allow you to select a business option when booking a unit, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Document storage
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4. Document safety and storage

As a business you will need to keep hold of paper documents for a certain number of years – depending on what sort they are – before you can shred and throw them away. This is where storage solutions come into play. They can remove those boxes of paper you don’t need in that moment and keep them safe. It’s a great solution and one that removes the need for filing cabinets or stacks of boxes under your desk.

5. Convenience

Storage units are usually accessible at all hours of the day, so they’re a convenient solution when first starting out and you aren’t sure what you need regularly and what can be kept under lock and key away from the office. Storage offers a convenient solution, allowing you to keep your items secure but always available.


As a business just starting out don’t reject the idea of an outside storage solution. It could save you space and money because you won’t need to put your hand in your pocket for a bigger office space.

Ivan Widjaya

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