4 Reasons Why Self-Storage is so Popular for Entrepreneurs

If you’re running a business which buys and sells a lot of stock, then it could be that your cramped office space is starting to run out of room. Regardless of whether its fashion, homeware, or whatever it might be, if you find that you have to move 10 boxes out of the way just reach the coffee machine, then it could be time to consider self-storage.

A clean office is generally a productive office, and if you’re in a big city like New York, space is at a premium. Self-storage in NYC might not even be as expensive as you think, as it can depend on how much space you actually need. In the end, you’ll likely discover that it’s far better to have one room for working and another storage space in the heart of the city for your inventory. But what are some other great reasons?

Self storage offers more savings than expenses

Cost-efficient and flexible

Due to the fact that there are different price plans depending on how much storage space is required, this means that you don’t have to rent a large room and pay for space you’re not using. Also, these modern self-storage rooms are rented out per month and you aren’t locked into long contracts. For entrepreneurs and small business, being thrifty and only paying for what you need is the name of the game.

Focus on your office expansion

If you find that you need to hire new employees, this means more desks, chairs, and perhaps filing cabinets for your growing office. For seasonal items that may not be sold for another six months or so, it certainly makes sense to create more space in the office and put unused items into self-storage. The rooms are also climate-controlled, so there’s no worry of anything overheating.

Great security

Self-storage facilities are often as secure as Fort Knox, with 24/7 surveillance, access gates with passcodes, heavy locks on the doors, and security guards posted. This arrangement might even be better than your own office! If you have sensitive information stored in folders or on computers and you’re going on a business trip for a week, it might even be worth to consider placing these items in the self-storage facility.

Self storage offers 24/7 security for your products and property

Last: You don’t have to move anything!

Perhaps the best thing about modern self-storage companies is that they will often pick up your items and take them to the storage site. They’ll also bring them back when you’re ready, so you really don’t have to lift a finger.