The Storage Vault as a Business Asset for Novice Entrepreneurs

For many business owners, one aspect of their endeavor that requires a lot of attention is that of physical space. That’s right — every novice entrepreneur knows that infrastructure is more essential than can be possibly stated. You need space to store your goods, your tools, and of course, you need space in which to operate.

The shortage of space is a real problem. It’s also why commercial buildings enjoy extra passive income brought about by their renters. These fees are often priced greatly, with the trend being that the more optimal the location is, the higher the premium that’s charged for a business to be able to operate there.

Businessman in a self storage space

Now, here’s a thought: why not use a storage vault instead? Space has always been their trade but what you do with the space that you pay for is entirely up to you — as long as it’s within reasonable bounds, of course.

While many can argue that businesses can actually be run at home, there’s the concept of “compartmentalization” that you need to consider. You have to be able to separate your work from your home and vice versa. Failure to do so will often result in a tug-of-war between home life and your business for your attention. Both of these aspects can easily strain each other and thus, affect your focus on both.

My friend knows this. He’s quite lucky to be able to have 3 rooms of the house dedicated to his business. Not many entrepreneurs are as lucky as he. Commercial spaces are expensive. There has to be a clear distinction between home life and business.

Storage vaults are secure, relatively inexpensive (when compared to renting space in a commercial building), and most important of all, YOURS. What’s great about it is that it can be used for all types of business.

If you’re a skilled worker, you have a haven in which you can store the tools of your trade, free from curious children (if you have any). Apart from that, the security that storage vaults provide is one of the most effective that you can find on a budget.

If you sell goods online, a storage unit is a great place to store your goods — you won’t have to worry about your children touching your products by accident. If (God forbid) your home gets broken into, a house fire happens, or any other unfortunate accident occurs, you can at least be assured that your goods are secure, which will then also mean that your business is also secure.

Self storage facility
photo credit: lonely radio / Flickr

You don’t need a fancy office or a huge warehouse to conduct your business. But you do need a dedicated work environment nonetheless. A storage unit is an excellent place for business, especially for first-time entrepreneurs who have limited resources. And well, the cool part is that nobody said that you’re limited to one storage unit.

Expand as you please, my friends.