4 Basic Things a Good Online Business Should Have

There are many books written about the best ways for a business to survive in the online world, for one major reason: Online business is very challenging. There’s no doubt that the odds of a new online business surviving its first year are very small.

That having been said, there are businesses that do manage to weather the storm and build a following of loyal customers that allow them to survive. How do these businesses do it? What do they have that the businesses that fail do not have?

Here are a few of the most crucial things a good online business should have.

Online business owner working

1. A range of product choices

People want to have choices when they are shopping online. They will not be satisfied if they show up to your site and they are confronted with only two or three choices for the particular item they are looking for – especially when there’s not enough description on each. This alone might be enough to send them to a competing site. Obviously, you want to prevent this sort of thing from happening at all costs.

That is the reason why it is so imperative that you offer your customers a nice selection of products to choose from in all of the categories that you carry. You can never carry every brand that exists in the market. A better approach is by give your customers the feeling that they are seeing a solid representation of everything the market has to offer.  Leave your customers no reason to go to a different site to get more choices.

The goal is always to keep people on your site until they buy something. You have failed as an online business owner the moment a customer leaves to compare the inventory on a different site.

2. A quick response time

In the past, you have most likely ordered something from a company and later had an issue with that purchase. Needless to say, you wanted your problem to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Therefore, you need to keep yourself available for dealing with the various problems experienced by your customers in a timely manner.

Call center operator

You should hire dedicated customer service people if you currently do not have enough staff to respond to your customers quickly. You might want to consider using call center services to ease the burden of replying to your customers when they contact you. A call center service can deal with your customers so you don’t have to.

3. A good return policy

People want to know that they will be able to easily return an item if it turns out that they are not satisfied with it. However, some online businesses only offer a very short period of time that items can be returned for a refund after they are purchased.

Make sure that you allow an adequate amount of time for items to travel through the mail. Your customers will not be pleased if the amount of time is too short.

4. Automation, automation!

I can shout the word all day long – automation.  It’s no longer a secret: If you want to thrive in the online business world, you need to embrace automation.

Using business automation services can save you time and money through the adoption of ERP and CRP.  Not only that, automation can also secure you more clients, thus increasing your sales.  How so? For example, automating your sales process lets you precisely cater to your clients need through personalization, upselling and more – which eventually lead to more sales and repeat orders.


There are, of course, many other things that an online business should have, namely the reliability of the website, the security of transaction and other things. Make sure that you take care each and every of them.