Globaldyne Systems Takes Your Personal Computers to the Cloud

Did you know that 20 – 50 billion tons of electronic waste makes it’s way to landfills every year?

One of the biggest advantages cloud computing offers to the planet is how it reduces our strain on non-renewable resources and limits the environmental impact that the once necessary need for constant computer upgrades has had on our landfills.

We’re now living in an era where on-demand computing is the norm, rather than the exception it was just a few short years ago.

When you make the switch to Globaldyne Systems, you’ll never need to upgrade your laptop or PC ever again. We take care of everything: maintenance, upgrades, security. Everything! So you don’t have to.

Your Data, Your Choice

Privacy has become a major concern with cloud users over the last couple of years.

With celebrity photo scandals and data loss being a major concern for public cloud service users, it comes as no surprise that many are making the shift to private cloud service providers like Globaldyne Systems.

Recent surveys show that up to 77% of cloud users will make the shift from public to private cloud servers in 2016.

Standing at the Helm of Innovation

Founder and CEO Michael MacDonald‘s vision for the company seeks to disrupt the cloud industry and shake things up – in a good way. To force service providers to provide more powerful cloud computing solutions, while keeping prices affordable so business and personal users alike can afford a cloud-based desktop computing solution.

While many people use the cloud for storing personal photos, documents and music; a recent study showed that only a small percentage of businesses have actually adopted the cloud into their business.

Less than 20% of companies worldwide actually use the cloud for business purposes. That means there’s a lot of money needlessly being spent on buying and maintaining computers. Money that could be allocated toward more growth-oriented goals!

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The Future is Here

At Globaldyne Systems, we want to create a world where only a fraction of the current levels of e-waste is sent to landfills in the near future. A world where all your dedicated computing needs, including performance upgrades, can be done in the blink of an eye. We’re seeking to accelerate the mass adoption of cloud technology, at a pace that our competitors have so far failed to achieve.

When you make the switch to cloud based computing with Globaldyne Systems, the advantages to your business and personal computing needs are many.

Advantages of Using Globaldyne Systems

  • Anywhere, anytime: Access your cloud account from anywhere on the planet using an Internet connection.
  • Ready to go when you are: Enjoy the assurance of 100% uptime, using any Internet connected computer or smart device you like.
  • 24/7 support: Have an issue you can’t resolve? Our support team is here to serve anytime, day or night.
  • Latest and best technology: Our servers use solid state drives, with the latest stable version of Windows OS installed, and the fastest Intel server-rated processors available on the market.
  • Instant upgrades: Upgrades needn’t be a painstaking process. Our team is ready to upgrade you instantly, without any hassle on your end. We want to grow with you as your needs change.
  • Never buy another computer: Since you can upgrade your CPU, RAM and storage capacity instantly, you’ll never have to purchase a new desktop or laptop computer ever again.
  • State-of-the-art security: Your data will always be protected with the most up-to-date security protocols including the latest encryption key technology and security software.
  • Lifetime discount: We aim to keep our customers happy. Sign up to preorder one of our Core Packages today and receive a 15% lifetime discount for every month you stay with us, for as long as you keep your account active!

Welcome to the Family!

If you’d like to follow Globaldyne Systems into a future where you’ll never have the need to spend your hard-earned money on costly computer upgrades ever again, with seamless storage at your fingertips wherever in the world you might find yourself, sign up today to preorder our services before we officially launch and enjoy a 15% savings for life.

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