6 Ways to Get Your Startup Off the Ground

Launching a start up? Doubtless you’re a courageous person and are passionate about the business you’re beginning but how exactly do you plan on executing your idea? Here are six ways to get your startup off the ground…

Startup launch

1. Start building your social media presence

Aside from the cost of an internet connection and the investment of your time, digital marketing via social media is virtually free. Get to work by growing your following across various accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. For inspiration, check out these brands that are nailing their social media marketing efforts.

2. Ask around

Your best mate or mum might not be able to perform the tasks your startup needs, but they might be your consumers. Figure out who your target audience is (doubtless you’ve been sensible enough to do this before launching your business!) and then interview friends, family members and colleagues who fit the bill. What do they make of your branding? Your marketing efforts? Your business name? Ask them!

3. Create a website

Even if you’re not selling physical products, your startup should have a website. In a digital age, your customers will expect to be able to search for you on Google and find that you exist: it’s a critical part of showing that you’re trustworthy and have something worth talking about. First impressions count so be sure to give careful consideration to your website’s design.

4. Network!

Attend events, speak at conferences and actually listen to what your peers have to say. Networking means you’ll get to meet influencers in your industry and find people to team up with, as well as giving you an opportunity to spread the word about your startup.

Content writer is working for a client

5. Create really good content

You need to be able to communicate your concept effectively and coherently, and unless you’re going to go door to door telling every potential customer what you’re selling, you’ll need to figure out a way to tell them you’re here. Start a blog, or even produce some compelling videos. Videos are particularly useful as they’re memorable, easily digestible and best of all, readily shared by customers who like your idea!

6. Launch an email newsletter

The amount of email accounts massively outnumber the quantity of social media accounts, emails can be tailored to the customer receiving them, and a regular newsletter will help you to stay in contact with your consumers regardless of the devices they’re using. Just be sure to design it well, send it regularly and optimise it for mobile.

Finally, once you’ve tried these six tips and tricks, why not send out digital questionnaires to your customers? You can use online survey software to gather their responses to important questions such as, “Which of our product designs would you change and why?” and “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend, and why?”. This will help you to change your plans as necessary and give your fledgling business a shot at success!