Mobistealth in the Workplace: Surveilling for Progress

As an employer, your goal is to increase growth of your company, but you obviously can’t do that single-handedly, which is precisely why you hire employees. However, instead of keeping their focus on work, these employees start to waste a large chunk of their time visiting random sites, texting their friends, watching videos, using social networking sites, and so much more.

Using smartphone in office

All of their time spent at workplace goes into doing mundane stuff, which of course affects the overall performance of your company. You of course can’t afford to let this continue, and that too right under your nose.

Yes, banning the likes of iPhones and other web-connected devices in the workplace is an option, but it’s certainly not the most viable one. Instead, you need to tackle the situation more tactfully, and that is where Mobistealth comes in. The powerful monitoring solution lets you gain a clearer vision of what’s going on in the workplace, especially on the screens your employees are staring at, thus putting you in an excellent position to detect and discourage time-wasting activities hampering your business’ progress.

MobiStealth screenshot

Conflicting Interests

To be honest, your employees won’t be too happy with you deploying a tool like Mobistealth in the workplace because for them, it would mark the end of days when they could freely spend hours streaming videos, socializing, and doing other stuff that had got absolutely nothing to do with what they’re getting paid to do.

But that is exactly what you probably want, right? After all, that’s what’s best for business. You want them to concentrate on work and up their productivity so as to help the business gain traction and climb the ladder of success, and that certainly isn’t happening as long as your employees are distracted by internet and web-connected devices.

Supervising for Success

Mobistealth helps you keep your business sailing towards success by allowing you to keep a close watch on your employees’ digital activities. This includes everything from their calls, text messages, and conversations through major instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, LINE, and Skype, to emails and even media files. There is hardly any digital activity of theirs that can remain hidden from you, thus giving you an excellent idea of how they are exactly spending their work hours.

Having such insights allows you to single out employees that are more of a liability than asset, and deal with them in a way that would encourage the rest of the workforce to set their priorities straight.

Employee reward and incentive

The Incentive Tactic

Mobistealth doesn’t have to be about finding time-wasters and punishing them. You can also turn this tool into a reward system.

The employees who waste their time should get penalized, meanwhile the ones staying focused on the assigned tasks should get rewards for their efforts. Promise of reward for their effort is bound to motivate them, as well as others, to work harder. It will become a win-win situation, and soon nobody will care about wasting their time because all of their focus would be on work so that they can get the rewards.

The biggest beneficiary of this whole setup would be none other than your business.