Why Promotional Products Should Be Part of Your Company’s Checklist

Promotional products have been used for some time now, so it comes as no surprise to say that there is some success in using promotional gifts in your marketing strategy. With companies constantly looking for new ways to stand out against the competition, and small start-up businesses trying to make their mark on the industry, marketers must become more creative. Grabbing the attention of your target market can be incredibly tricky, but promotional products can provide a successful solution and should be something you consider.

Your marketing campaign can do a lot for your business if done well, from helping to increase your annual revenue to building brand recognition. Still not convinced? Here’s some of the top benefits of using promotional products.

LinkedIn promotional pen
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Improve brand awareness

Sending out promotional products not only reaches out to your target audience in an effective manner, it is a subtle way of putting your brand in the public eye. Seen by many, your promotional product is likely to be used in public or sat on someone’s desk in the middle of a busy office.

This is also great if you are a small business as you will gain repeat exposure from giving out promotional products to your customers. Including promotional products in your marketing campaign will mean you can achieve mass outreach at a low cost. In a survey carried out by the BPMA in 2014 found that 96% of participants agree that promotional products increase a company’s brand awareness.

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Enhance brand perception

Anticipating your customers’ needs or making the effort to find out your target audience’s interests can boost your promotional product campaign even further. This is particularly impressive when it comes to enhancing your brand perception; customers and others who receive your promotional gift will only have positive associations with your brand.

Providing your customer base with useful and relevant products will only increase brand exposure and ensure you are noticed by the right people.

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Create valuable advertising

Flyers or other advertising material have become ineffective over the years and are not valued; how many times do you receive a flyer through the door and it goes straight in the bin? It isn’t a very engaging method and there are better ways to spend your money when it comes to advertising yourselves as a company.

From the same BPMA study from 2014 discovered that 76% of those who receive promotional products do keep them for themselves, while 45% pass on to colleagues. Clearly promotional products get some use out of them, as only 10% react by throwing them away.

Promotional products can be used as an alternative business card; showcasing your contact information and who you are in a different and creative way.

Cliff's Edge promotional product
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Generate leads

Reaching out to your customers in this way can generate leads for your business and bring you an increase in revenue. 83% of partcipants in the 2014 BPMA survey went on to purchase something from the company that provided them with the promotional product. Clearly it is a viable way of attracting people towards your company. Promotional products have better return on investment than any other form of advertising such as TV, radio or print and has been successful in creating repeat business.

If you want to use promotional products to breathe new life into your marketing campaign, contact Outstanding Branding today.