When You Need a Lawyer for a Workplace Injury

When You Need a Lawyer for a Workplace Injury

No one wants to go about life always expecting the worst. However, you can’t always avoid accidents – at home, on the road, and even your workplace are all places where your life can change in the blink of an eye. People often suffer from personal injuries at work due to negligence, a faulty product, or someone else’s mistake, so it’s always important to remember your rights whether you’re a customer, employee, contractor or employer.

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If you sustain a workplace injury as an employee or visitor to a business, you should consider talking to a legal professional about your rights and what compensation you are entitled to as soon as possible. Even if you only think your injury is minor, it might end up causing major issues in the future and cost you more than anticipated. And this doesn’t just mean financially – an injury may cost you emotionally or personally as well.

That’s why it’s important to talk to lawyers who specialise in the area of personal injury compensation, such as Sinnamon Lawyers, to help you navigate the confusing claim process and ensure you achieve the best outcome possible.

So what are some situations that might require you to employ the help of a legal professional? Keep reading to discover more about 3 common workplace accidents.

1. Accident on the way to or from work

Any injuries you may sustain while travelling to or from your place of work may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Maybe you trip up the stairs and twist your ankle, get knocked over by another commuter and break your arm, or find yourself in another commuting situation where your health has been affected.

The important thing is to complete an injury report and access legal aid as soon as possible to work out your options.

2. Injury while performing occupational duties

Workers in certain industries are more at risk of sustaining an injury while performing their occupational duties. For instance, tradesman who work with sharp tools or operate heavy machinery may be considered to have a higher risk of injuring themselves while working. However, it’s possible for anyone to be harmed while doing their job, so most employers will try to reduce the risk as much as possible. Even in office jobs, employees could accidentally staple their finger!

If you’re affected, start by filling out an injury report, but make sure to utilise the services of a lawyer to work out if you have a case for workers’ compensation.

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3. Harm by a business’ negligence

As a customer, you would assume that a business will do everything they can to make sure their space is safe for both employees and visitors. It might be a shopfront, restaurant, office or other building, but negligence by the business and its employees can end badly.

A customer could stumble over a loose cord, bump their head on a low archway, or get their fingers stuck where they’re not supposed to. There’s an infinite number of possible scenarios, so as a manager or owner it’s important to make sure you’re covered for any eventuality.

Have you suffered from a workplace injury? Or maybe you’re a business owner or manager who does their best to avoid these situations? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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