How to Manage and Minimise Your Legal Risks as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs must possess many skills, tenacity, calculation, an eye for profits, ambition, and talent foremost amongst them. To state such would cause little dispute, and the majority of the business-minded would agree with such an assessment.

Yet it takes far more than these basic personality traits to create a successful enterprise. Location, marketing, staff members, and brand all play their part, but so does a knowledge of and adherence to the principles that govern business law.

Business legal consultation

Customer service is essential to creating a sustainable venture, but without following these essential stipulations, you cannot possibly excel in this regard. They determine not only the quality of the service or goods that you provide, but also how you must react in the event of any disputes between you and your customers. Fail to abide by them, and your business could be ruined.

To avoid such an outcome, here are a few important tips for managing and minimising your legal risks.

Understand the Laws that Govern You

There are many laws that govern how businesses must conduct themselves, each of them possessing varying degrees of relevance and application. The most important of these are traditional consumer protection regulations and online regulations, and there are a number of these that you ought to familiarise yourself with in order to ensure that you’re abiding by them.

The Consumer Rights Act, Consumer Credit Act, and Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations should all be studied by you and any senior staff members, and you may also want to get to grips with the E-Commerce Regulations, Distance Selling Regulations, and Electronic Signatures Regulations if you’ll be conducting some of your transactions online.

Engage an Accountant

It is not only your customer relations that are regulated by the law. The statues and rules that govern a business’ financial obligations can be confusing, and failing to abide by them can prove to be a very costly mistake. This is why it pays to engage an accountant even if you don’t have the funds to form a fully fledged financial department.


A professional will be perfectly placed to cast an expert eye over your accounts, making sure that you pay out what you need to, without spending more than you have to.

Turn to the Professionals

Where disputes arise that you do not feel you can handle by yourself, it’s important to appoint a professional to take care of matters on your behalf. To stop things from spiralling out of control, it’s a good idea to choose a legal outfit beforehand, so that they can be immediately contacted in the event of any claims levied against you. Enterprises like Withers Worldwide are ideally suited to your needs, offering a service especially tailored to the requirements of entrepreneurs.

Prepare for your future today by laying down solid legal foundations that you can rely on to hold should tomorrow bring a storm.