Hire a Reputed Lawyer to Look After The Legalities of your Business

In business, you have to abide by the law and do everything that is within the boundaries of law. There are many such situations such as paying taxes, update your company profile, managing the salaries of the staff and their insurances, etc. Apart from those you need to seek government’s permission to run the company and whatever products you are manufacturing or services you are providing should be certified by the government and hence for that also you need a legal aid and a lawyer who will look after all your legal works.

But when do you actually need to hire a lawyer?

Business legal needs

Hiring a lawyer: Timing is everything

When you hire a lawyer, talent and reputation are two of the most important factors that will impact your decision.  However, regardless of those factors, your most important decision is on timing. Knowing when you need to take action is important, especially because it impacts your business’ course of action in the future – and the bottom line (just in case you didn’t know, hiring one is expensive!)

Below are certain situations where you need a lawyer to get yourself out of chaos:

  • Failing in paying taxes in time.

  • If some problem arises in the quality of the product and services.

  • Having some sort of dispute with other company or client.

  • Having issues regarding plots and lease.

  • Some criminal or commercial cases.

  • Legality of the company.

Since there are so many situations where you will surely need an expert to manage everything with ease and experience, so knowing someone who is of great knowledge and importance should be consulted.

How to choose the right lawyer

Choosing the right one for your business is pretty straightforward.

Hiring a lawyer for your business

Firstly, you need a lawyer who is experienced and reputed for his knowledge in the field and the number of trials he did. It’s strongly recommended that he should be educated from a reputed law college with a degree in law.

Secondly, he should’ve practiced for a long time to gain sufficient knowledge and experience and later he took actual trials of various people who got in some or the other cases and did justice to them. Preferably, choose a lawyer that has tried cases in various areas of commercial disputes, products cases, environmental matters and many more.


Hiring a lawyer shouldn’t be giving yourself a headache.  Search the web for profiles and read business forum posts to learn more about the lawyers in your city. Better yet, talk with fellow business owners and seek for recommendations.  Personal recommendations and words of mouth are still crucial in hiring someone, especially for a subject matter that’s as important as business legal.

Jonathan Bunge is one of top trial lawyers who is not only an expert in the field but also an experienced one, with 45 trials done so far – and counting. He is described by “The American Lawyer” as one of Chicago’s top trial lawyers. Jonathan Bunge is a managing partner of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP.