4 Real Reasons for Hiring a Reputable SEO Company

We live in an age dominated by Facebook and Twitter, smartphones, and the concept of “going viral.” For the average person, all of this technology has created a world where it’s common to spend hours online each day, a world where digital interactions with friends are more common than real-world interactions with friends. For the average business, meanwhile, all of this technology means that online marketing is the most important type of marketing.

In particular, the concept of SEO (search engine optimization) has become a vital part of almost every business’s day-to-day operations. If you want prospective customers to find your business, you need them to be able to find you online. And if you want consumers to find your brand online, then simply having a website is no longer enough. On the contrary, you need to draw people to your site by harnessing the power of search engines like Google. The best way to get search engines to give you the traffic you need is SEO.

Search engine optimization

SEO: DIY or hire an SEO company?

While you can try to master the art of building keyword list, building links, managing publisher relationships, and producing content for marketing in-house; you would be better off simply hiring a reputable SEO company to help you.

According to Marcus Becker, CEO of Mimvi.com an SEO company out of Long Island, New York “A real SEO company is going to listen to your needs first, do preliminary research for your market, and give you detailed analysis of the size of your market, well before giving you some dollar amount to say yes to. Do your own research as well. Consistent negative Yelp reviews? Maybe start your search over and find others in the local market. And unless you are running large campaigns, I like to keep things local. I can the meet and greet client face-to-face. That might be something you want as well.”

Here are four reasons for way hiring outside help for your SEO needs is the smartest option.

1. You will get to work with someone who knows the art of SEO backwards and forwards

Amongst the uninitiated, SEO is often discussed as little more than “something to do with keywords.” While keywords are a part of SEO, though, they are just one ingredient of what makes the art.

Hiring a reputable SEO firm to help your business will allow you to work with experienced people who understand how search engine optimization works on a much more detailed level. From knowing the difference between national and local SEO to understanding that both on-page and off-page SEO exist, a seasoned SEO company can help your business hit the ground running as far as search engine optimization is concerned. To gain the same knowledge and implement the same tactics on your own, you would need to spend a pretty considerable amount of time doing research.

2. You will avoid common SEO pitfalls

Success with SEO depends almost as much on avoiding the common mistakes as it does on employing the right strategies. There are many pitfalls associated with SEO, from keyword stuffing to duplicating content throughout your site, all the way to plagiarizing content from another website—whether intentionally or not. There is even something called “black hat SEO” (as opposed to “white hat SEO”) that refers to SEO practices that break search engine rules or overstep ethical boundaries. Sometimes, SEO mistakes can even be against the law.

Working with an experienced SEO company will mean that you are hiring a team that recognizes common pitfalls and knows the difference between white hat and black hat techniques.

Analyzing SEO impacts using Google analytics

3. You will get to watch your web traffic and revenues grow while you focus on other aspects of your business

Running a successful SEO campaign is a substantial undertaking. Smart search engine optimization can involve creating strong keyword lists, revamping website content, reimagining the design of the website itself, optimizing the website for mobile platforms, staying active on social media, link building, and consistently producing high-quality blog or outreach content.

Good SEO is a full-time job, which is why hiring an outstanding SEO company is such a smart idea. You will be able to reap the benefits of SEO without having to devote all of your time and energy to bring it to fruition.

4. You will be able to get help with your entire internet presence

When you hire a Specialist SEO Company, you are probably just thinking broadly about improving your Google rankings. To get there, your SEO firm may suggest any array of services—from a complete redesign of your website to a major blog campaign. Simply put, SEO companies are full-service companies that do so much more than just keyword generation.


SEO is a vital part of what makes businesses successful in the modern age. Don’t skimp and go with an inexperienced or incompetent company that will deliver no results or get you into trouble for black hat techniques. Instead, invest in a reputable SEO company and watch it pay the big dividends you deserve.