DRTV: 10 Tips to Getting Your Infomercial Done Right

DRTV: 10 Tips to Getting Your Infomercial Done Right

With the downturn economy and boosted numbers of company’s clamoring for your business, now is an ideal time to test other successful advertising methods. If you’ve been thinking about DRTV infomercials, but you’re not sure where to start, the following tips can help you reach your worldwide audience.

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The More You Say, the More You Sell

The right branding campaign can increase the awareness of your brand and strengthen its image. You also need a solid marketing plan in place to generate more business. Direct Response Television (DRTV) is an infomercial or short commercial that guides the consumer to directly respond to the business advertising the product. This method of advertising is both successful and cost-effective because it targets specific demographics. It also provides instant measurable results for a company. The more you say, the more you sell motto can sway the buying public into wanting to know everything about your product or service.

Work with a Professional

Experts in the infomercial industry know what works, and the things that don’t. A knowledgeable andexperienced team of professionals will be ready to handle the production element of the infomercial. This means that you’re able to stay on schedule and be within your set budget. Although most people are equipped with a recording device from their smartphone or tablet, a professional will have access to state-of-the-art equipment that includes edit suites, sound proof booth for VO and color correction facilities.


The bigger the problem it can solve, the more return you’ll get from your DRTV infomercial. That’s why skincare products and weight-loss items are seeing such great results on television. The market for selling those real problems both visually and personally are necessary, and they help individuals find a resolution daily. If you’re struggling with your weight or you want to banish wrinkles, look at the amazing infomercials on the market today that can help rectify the problems.

Put the Product in the Right Spotlight

The product that you’re selling should be king and looked over with a keen eye. If it isn’t able to stand on its own, then the right amount of professional advertising isn’t going to help it to sell. Before you get started on your infomercial, you need to assess when it’s ready for the long haul.

Detailed Demonstration

Thirty minutes is the ideal time that it should take to get your infomercial across to the consumer. This gives you enough time to demonstrate its usage and showcase the benefits. It should also excite, educate and earn their trust.

Tell a Story

Long infomercials can be just as successful as the short versions as you tell the story of your product. During this time, you want to awaken the consumer’s interest, develop an emotional tie and entice them to call and purchase it. You can even add in successful reviews from people who have actually used the item.

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Elicit a Sense of Urgency

Since you only have 30 minutes for your infomercial, you want to elicit a sense of urgency for consumers to buy your product. Comments such as order now, free shipping, two for one and additional gifts with purchase are excellent motivating tools.

Powerful Closing

Your close should have a powerful message to your consumers. You can use visual images, evocative words and emotion to get your message across. To inspire that excitement, you also want to be positive, passionate and enthusiastic. Although you don’t want to come across too strong and turn off the viewer, a little humor and entertainment can be an added selling bonus.

Emphasize Benefits

When creating the script for your infomercial, you want to emphasize the benefits of your product. List everything in detail, including added bonus items if a consumer orders during the time of the infomercial.

Be Objective

A consumer may have doubts about a product. It’s your job to be objective and anticipate their response. Give them reasons why they need to order the product now. This could include the great value of a product, the reduced price and free shipping. You can even say that this will all go away at the end of the 30 minutes.

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