A Healthy Workforce is an Engaged and Productive Workforce

Any business owner, whether it be small or large, knows that their best asset is their workforce. From driving sales to producing the very product you rely on to sell, the importance of a healthy and engaged workforce has never been higher. While once this was a simple matter of increased salary, the challenge has now become more complex, and can be broken down into three factors.

Happy employees

1. Mental Health

Have you ever heard the saying ‘leave your personal problems at home’? A powerful narrative that no longer exists in a modern workforce. While you may not like the idea of your staff discussing personal issues in the workplace, move them to a more appropriate space.

So, what a business owner can do to solve this non-work-related issues? You should consider hiring a therapist. Jerome Ribot, the co-founder of ribot, hire a therapist to help staff with personal challenges and any other mental kinks. Providing employees with an in-house counseling service which operates anonymously and provides the ability to discuss and assist with personal items has become a popular tool for business owners.

Moving this type of unproductive discussion away from a formal work environment to a dedicated space helps to separate the employee’s personal problems and prevents them from interfering with their productivity. This is a win-win arrangement for all.

2. Physical Health

Not only does your employee’s physical health significantly impact their ability to work, whether it be working on a production line or sitting at a desk, it also affects your insurance premiums and provisions. Speak with one of the many Yoga studios in Boston about establishing ongoing private sessions where your staff can attend and boost their physical health.

While you’re at it, go one step further by incentivising these classes with discounts or additional time away from their work to complete the classes.  Investing more in your employees’ health and wellness can only bring positive results for your business.

Yoga class

3. Inner Health

While it can be difficult to accept that a person’s soul is a matter for the workplace, how a person feels inside, as a person, can have the biggest impact on their productivity. Many employees find themselves in a position where they feel stuck without a way forward.

Managers can do a great deal to address this by discussing each employee’s individual goals and creating a clear path to their achievement. If an employee feels their work will lead them to advance, not only does their productivity increase, but also their engagement.


Today’s workforce is just that, today’s. While traditional business owners and managers may not like the idea of such a nuanced workforce, the key to moving forward is to accept and manage the effects.