Modern Franchise for a Modern World: Mathnasium for the Win!

Are you interested in educational business and eager to jump into the franchising bandwagon? If so, here’s a franchise opportunity that you should consider: Mathnasium.

Mathnasium is a niche tutoring franchise that made Forbes’ “The Best Franchises to Buy” list two years in a row in 2014 and 2015. They’ve also been ranked as a top franchise by other serious publications like Entrepreneur Magazine and franchise ranking sites like Franchise Gator and Franchise Direct (just to name a few!)

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This franchise offers limitless profit generating potential, in a growing $100-billion-plus market that you’ll learn more about as you read on. However, the thing I like most is that the business has a real dot-org feel when examining their core values.

Mathnasium is all about helping today’s youth address an epidemic level problem when it comes to math comprehension.

Let’s examine how Mathnasium is taking on the task of teaching math and taking learning to a completely different level, while providing franchisees with all the support and guidance they need to run a successful, highly rewarding business.

Big Time Demand for Private Math Tutoring

Math is such a critical part of career and life success. Mathnasium is founded with the core value of helping children to succeed not just in math, but in life. Math teaches us to be analytical; a skill that must be learned early and refined as we go through life.

Two-thirds of all graduating middle school students in the US are not making the “grade” with respect to math proficiency, and parents and teachers are well aware of this fact. Globally, close to 70% of all countries are scoring at or below standard in math. Most of this is due to the fact that teachers and tutors don’t teach kids the
“why” behind the math like Mathnasium tutors do.

The profit potential of entering the tutoring space is very lucrative. The global private tutoring industry is projected to explode to $100-billion by 2018. Considering math proficiency is a global epidemic, the opportunity offered by franchises like Mathnasium are obvious. The demand is there and Mathnasium, their franchise operators and their teams are the solution.

Seamless Transition to Ownership

One of the most interesting aspects of getting involved with this franchise is the fact that you’re buying into a business; not a teaching position. Mathnasium doesn’t expect you to become a qualified math tutor – you’ll be hiring people for that. Your job is to run your business and ensure that each child coming through your doors is given the highest degree of math instruction possible.

Best, as an owner, you’ll attend two yearly regional training sessions per year, where you get to meet and talk with other franchisees in your geographic area. Once per year, you’ll be invited to an annual global convention where you’ll meet franchisees running Mathnasium businesses on different continents around the world.

Mathnasium Guilford
photo credit: Mathnasium of Guildford

Proven History of Success

Forgive me for being cheeky here, but success in this industry is all in the “numbers.” Mathnasium doubled its franchise numbers in just 3 years from 200 centers to over 400 (from 2010 – 2013). Projections pit the number of centers to be over 600 centers by the end of this year (2016).

While those figures alone may sound big, over 5,000,000 students have seen their math scores change significantly in that same time!

Mathnasium individually assesses and tutors each child based on their starting skill level. Teaching them the “why” behind the math they’re learning, rather than just filling their heads with practicum (ie., this is how you solve this particular math problem).

Expert Training and Mentorship

Training as a franchisee starts in Los Angeles at Mathnasium’s corporate headquarters. You’ll not be undergoing math tutoring throughout the training, but rather learning the ins and outs of running a franchise the “Mathnasium Way.”

Training includes overseeing tutoring sessions, learning how to successfully manage your new business’s accounting, sourcing qualified tutors, marketing instruction, and everything else you need leading up to the launch of your business.

Best, Mathnasium provides each franchisee with their own Start-up Specialist to oversee launch and grand opening day, then assigns you a designated business consultant who’ll make regular visits, help analyze your ongoing operations and make suggestions on how to improve your bottom line.

Reasonable Startup Investment Requirements

Startup investment requirements vary slightly from franchisee to franchisee, but the founders and staff at Mathnasium headquarters have found most franchisees pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $90,750 – $137,610 to get their business off the ground.

Costs vary mostly due to the area you wish to set up your franchise in, and the overall cost of doing business in that area (ie., utilities, rent, décor updates, insurance costs, licensing, permits, security system costs, etc.)

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