The 7 Industries Where New Startups Are Thriving

Innovation and creativity thrive in the newest companies that are coming to the business world in the form of startups. Startups, which are rapidly expanding businesses that often recruit the help of technology to develop unique ideas, are becoming some of the top leaders in a variety of industries. Entrepreneurs poised to jump into this wildly changing market should look to begin in some of the hottest industries where startups are continuing to gain ground.

Here are some of the top sectors that are ripe for this type of business model.

Student using iPad at school
photo credit: Brad Flickinger / Flickr

1. Learning Technology

Learning technology has come a long way since the days of the introduction of the personal computer decades ago. Today, there are hundreds of new startups that are devoted to the different niche markets of educational software or hardware. While some businesses focus on developing programs for educational institutions or the home, other organizations are devoted to creating new devices that help more students develop academic skills.

One of the biggest growing parts of this industry involves technology for special needs students. Students get to be more engaged with the curriculum in these situations.

2. Privacy Solutions

The concern for privacy is something that people are just now starting to realize the importance of. With online security constantly being challenged, financial information often getting breached, and personal data theft on the rise, many individuals are looking for ways to protect themselves.

New startups that are devoted to bringing more privacy to individuals and businesses for a price can look forward to being more in demand throughout the next decade.

3. Wellness for Businesses

While the health and wellness industry is always strong, there is a new narrow sector of this part of business. Now, corporations are beginning to invest in providing wellness services to employees. This may look differently for organizations depending on what industry it’s part of, but for the most part, the idea is to promote healthy habits in order to enjoy more cost savings from insurance claims.

When people practice good daily health routines, they tend to be sick less as well, helping the business’ bottom line.

Teens playing mobile games on their smartphones

4. Mobile Game Development

Another big place for opportunity for startup businesses is in mobile game development. With the explosion of the population that now uses smartphones, there is a constant need for the latest game to capture everyone’s interest. Games that feature in-app purchases are the hot ticket right now, as they continue to generate massive profits. Other types of apps that are popular are picture taking tools and social networking platforms.

5. Recruiting and Employment Services

Next, there is an increased need for more specialized firms that focus on recruiting employees for specific roles or industries. As the economy slowly starts to make gains, these agencies can help businesses find the right employees for their most skilled positions.

Startups in this industry have found that corporations are willing to invest even more in their future hires.

Just Mayo natural food product

6. Natural Food Innovations

Another popular startup type that is getting noticed around the world is a concept that focuses on natural food development. Companies like Hampton Creek, which has created a product line that stresses natural ingredients, are using technology and new ingredient sources to create tasty and healthy products. Customers of today are more concerned about where their food comes from, and organizations that use plant materials for their products can provide more sustainable goods. Hampton Creek coupons that are linked through social media help give consumers even more exposure to these types of products.

7. Eco-Friendly Technology

Finally, the last hot industry for new startups to generate quick cash is eco-friendly technology. This wide and varied sector in business offers entrepreneurs many different opportunities depending on their interests or talents. From solar-powered machines for industry and business to personal care products that utilize smartphones in order to keep the space around consumers free from pollutants, there are many different options in this field.

As the tightening up of fossil fuels continues and the widening of alternative sources of energy increases, expect to see even more solutions for green living that could spell cash for lucky entrepreneurs.


Business investors who are looking for new ways to generate revenue sometimes decide to go with a startup company in the hopes of making a quick amount of cash. If you are thinking of placing an investment in a new startup, be sure to look in the industries above for the best possible chances of getting a return on your contribution.