5 Tips To Start A Successful Mobile Kitchen Business

Food business can never be outdated because we, as humans, will never stop exploring and eating good food. Many people want to get into the food business with their magic hands, but opening a restaurant is not always feasible and sometimes risky. A mobile kitchen business (aka food truck) is the perfect way for them to get into the food service business.

Food Truck

Here are a few points to get started on a mobile kitchen business and make it successful.

1. Plan Your Business

Before you start the business, think and plan out everything. Think about what you want to serve, and if that is it something that can be cooked in a truck. Do you want employees or just a partner to help out? You want to serve in a moderate or high traffic area, and will your van be equipped enough to serve the target area? Will you require funds? Decide on the menu, along with the prices to cover costs and also make a profit. All these minute things are very important as it directs your future course.

2. Get the Legalities Done

If only opening a mobile kitchen business were as easy as getting the truck and serving the food! But of course, it’s not that easy. Starting a mobile kitchen business, like any other businesses requires some paperwork, permissions and licenses. Do your research on requirements according to your area, vendor’s license, hygiene certificates, and also if anywhere you’ll be setting up shop will need any additional permits. Get professional help in these matters, if needed, because you don’t wanna do it wrong.

3. Get Your Mobile Kitchen

Once you have the plan and papers sorted, the next important thing is buying a food truck or a concession trailer. Your unit should be fully equipped and should have all the amenities that you require to serve the kind of food you plan to serve. You can have it custom made, get a second hand vehicle if it matches your requirements, or even rent one initially. Remember that your truck or trailer is the first thing that people will notice, so make sure to make it attractive on the outside, and organized and clean on the inside. Use small decorations or kitchen backsplash tile to score on looks.

mobile food truck

4. Location Matters

Once your business plan is sorted, search for places where you want to serve. Location can make or break your business. You may be serving very good food, but if you don’t get new visitors and regular customers daily then your mobile kitchen business will not be successful. Look for recreational or work areas areas like parks, malls, construction sites, factories, etc., where you’ll get big crowds easily. Make sure you are able to attract a decent number of regular customers at the location itself.

5. Advertise

After your business starts rolling, consider different advertising techniques to gain popularity. It doesn’t always have to be expensive banners or TV commercial, you can use social media tools like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. Use these tools regularly, show the photos of your delicious food to grab customers’ attention, post updates regularly, and give occasional online coupon offers. These zero cost advertising techniques will give your business the much-needed popularity and customer base.


If you’re low on funds for opening a restaurant, or simply like the idea of serving on-the-go food on wheels and want to be a part of a mobile kitchen business, then it’s the right time to get started. Do a little research and you’ll soon become successful doing what you love. Remember the key thing for success in the food business is good food!