3 CRM Strategies Business Owners Can Use on Facebook

CRM (customer Relationship Management) has become a buzz word of sorts and we see endeavors and instances of the concept wherever we go. I just finished shopping at a mall and went to pay my bill when the guy at the cash counter asked me whether I had a membership card. The card he said gives me discounts at the store and other partner stores across the city and country, free parking and the like.

That’s CRM for you. But I believe customer engagement is the key to customer retention in a competitive market place. Here are three CRM strategies you can use on your Facebook page.

Businessman using Facebook for CRM
Businessman using smartphone and laptop with tablet and pen on wooden table in coffee shop with a cup of coffee

Seeking Feedback

Got a new product idea? Don’t quite know how people will respond? Whether they will respond? How to price it? Then involve your customers or prospects in the process by seeking feedback. Here’s how…

Make a sample or a few samples, take pictures and upload them on your Facebook page. Post them to your wall and ask people to tell you what they think. A friend of mine used this just last week to get people to respond to a necklace she created from scrunched silk fabric. People responded by saying use brighter colors, incorporate bigger beads, I love it and the like.

Instead of just wondering about customer response…go ahead involve people in product development and design.

Customer Involvement

Organizing a contest and giving away a small prize is one way of involving customers, it is also the most common method employed by many Facebook business page owners. Posting trivia, facts and information about your products and services is another way of keeping people involved.

Bees education by UTMT
via UTMT’s Facebook page

Under The Mango Tree, a social enterprise dealing in a number of organic products with single flora gourmet honey being its flagship product uses this strategy on its Facebook page. Facts and trivia about bees, bee keeping and honey, pictures from training workshops with farmers and news stories all draw people in to venture.

Customer Engagement

MORA by Ritika, a designer label dedicated to reviving traditional weaves and looms of North East India uses Facebook in a unique way. They make limited edition saris, stoles and shawls and retail only through their Facebook page.

MORA by Ritika photo album
Via MORA by Ritika’s Facebook photo album

Ritika Mittal keeps customer’s engaged by creating an album called “The Mora family” to which she adds pictures of customers draped in MORA weaves. A caption to each picture lets people know who features in the picture. The photos by no means figure as professionally taken and that adds to the allure.

Real people, spontaneous pictures, laughter, mirth and a glimpse of the personality of the wearer…what better way to make people feel like they belong…make them your family!

I hope you find these ideas and tips useful and are able to build a great relationship with your customers on Facebook! Do let me know how it worked for you…