­­7 Unique Ways Coupon Can Be Used To Increase Sales

Amidst a myriad of online stores and markets, each offering all kinds of things from various sources with adequate prices, how does your company plan to stand out and achieve sales incomparable? Among many other ways of attracting a healthy customer base, you can opt for discount coupons. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how they work; they are like tickets that can be used to buy products at decreased costs.

Promotional acts aside, coupon’s multi-faceted usage have made it a go-to option for aggravating company sales. Caution though, coupons can backfire on all your plans if not used wisely. Ergo, allow me to present 7 techniques to methodically use coupons and push up your sales:

Got online coupon?

1. Offer discount based on products sold

Provide a minimum discount upon a bulk of products purchased. For instance: a discount on any purchase over $25 can work to boost sales volume. Offers like these will make customers feel like they’re saving money while purchasing good load, not to mention how it’s a good way to form customer base for a budding company.

2. Coupons upon subscription

You can award discount cards for subscribing to your newsletter. This will enable you to keep track of the number of customers you are reaching and also open doors to micro-advertising new products or services, by mailing them with new offers and products – a great way of keeping in touch with your potential buyers and even bringing back some lost customers.

3. Award points upon purchases

Give points to customers upon each purchase, or invites, which can later accumulate to provide significant discounts or gifts for the customers. It’s a fantastic way to compel your customers to buy more products and send subscription invites or referrals to others and earn more points. This can act as rewards for loyal customers and encourage them to purchase more products each time.

4. Get endorsed by blogs and celebrities

Ashton Kutcher - Lenovo endorsement
source: YouTube.com

Good reviews and positive mentioning of your products is always a helpful boost. Give special discount offers to bloggers or celebrities who follow your company; celebrity endorsements are a great way of getting the word around about your company in a competitive market. A lot of people rely on personas who are known for their reviews and opinions. Ergo, this can be a way of advertising and gaining popularity and also to keep track of the effectiveness of endorsers for future references.

5. Award special discounts to lost subscribers

For each subscriber lost, you lose a potential customer. To rejuvenate ties, and maintain a healthy customer base, you can award special offers for returning back to subscription. However, this is usually considered a last-ditch effort to bring back potential consumers into your subscription module and encourage them to go over your array of products.

6. Use coupons to keep track of customer behavior

Coupons can also be used to keep track of how customers behave and what products they are prone to buy more often. This will give you a way of understanding the kind of progress your company is making and what is integrating your growth substantially. Keep track of the coupon codes that are being passed around and used during purchases. This way, you can manage your production and approach your customers in a more strategic way.

7. Give offers regarding shipping charges

It is always going to be the nature of your customers to want to feel like they are gaining something out of a purchase, other than the product itself. Often times, cutting back on shipping charges encourages customers to purchase products they otherwise wouldn’t. Free shipping for over a minimum amount of purchase can make sure you’re not taking up too much cost in purchases and still having a sale that you otherwise wouldn’t get with that extra shipping cost.


Although these tricks and nicks of using coupons may be of great help, it is good knowing how to use them strategically and knowing what your company needs in order to generate revenues is what will propagate your company towards success and profits. Sites such as Groupon.com, RetailMeNot.com and plusvouchercode.co.uk can help you get started with coupons and make your customers enjoy all the benefits of using coupons right away. It is high time you get to making those discount tickets!