Top 3 Reasons to Hire an SEO Consultant

Since most marketing budgets are pretty tight for most small to medium sized businesses these days, it’s not unusual to find many individuals within businesses wearing multiple caps, trying to juggle a whole number of tasks in order to save money. Over time, business websites can fail to rank on the first couple of pages in the Google search results, leading entrepreneurs to wonder if they could be doing anything differently for a better result.

Hiring a professional SEO consultant can be a huge step for any business, but it can also prove to be a valuable partnership providing that you hire the right person. Adam Heitzman, Co-founder of HigherVisibility, explains it well: “The truth is that hiring a great SEO company is becoming more and more difficult as Google continues to evolve, which unfortunately also means that hiring the right vendor is now more important than ever.

SEO consultant

Before you eventually hire someone, you do need to have the right reason to do so. That said, here are just some of the top reasons to hire an SEO expert:

1. Saving Time

One of the biggest reasons as to why many people turn to outsourcing their SEO work is to free up additional time. Business leaders must assess their top talents and skills to ask themselves whether it is worth spending their time doing SEO, or whether they are better off using their time to do other things which they are better at.

If you don’t even like doing SEO tasks, your time is probably much better off spent elsewhere and doing something that you enjoy and are good at to best benefit your business. Many growing businesses often transfer SEO tasks to someone else, such as Gareth Bull – SEO Consultant, once there are more resources available to delegate.

2. Better Results

Hiring a professional SEO consultant is a sure fire way to ensure that your business website gets better results. Although you may have an awesome website, traffic can still be a little on the sluggish side. With the help of somebody who has the required skill and experience, often, just a few simple tweaks can improve the ranking of your page overnight. Or, perhaps your website has a good rank, but visitors only manage to stay a few seconds before they quickly move elsewhere.

A thorough SEO audit performed by a trained professional will help you to determine exactly what is happening with your site and put you in a better position to make improvements.  Jonathan Long, Founder and CEO, Market Domination Media, explains the reason why: “(the experienced SEO agencies) are looking to build a long-term business relationship and deliver a return on investment. Lots of analytical data, conversion tracking and measurable results should be expected when working with one of these providers.”

Google Panda and Penguin
photo credit: Ognian Mladenov / Flickr

3. Staying Up to Date

SEO is subject to constant change, and if you’re not up to date at all times, there’s a lot of potential for things to go horribly wrong. If your knowledge of SEO is not updated constantly and words such as ‘Panda’ or ‘Penguin’ mean nothing but animals to you, it’s probably time to start thinking about hiring an SEO professional.

Although you may feel that carrying out SEO yourself is a good way to save money, in the long run, spending money on hiring a professional consultant can actually be better value. By paying a professional, you can actually save more money by putting your business at less risk of things going wrong with SEO.


Although you might want to forgo hiring an SEO consultant in order to save money, it’s definitely something which you should consider adding to the budget in order to get better results and save time.