Packing Do’s and Don’ts for Business Deliveries

Business deliveries are one of the most important ways that e-commerce companies can impress their customers. In a way, it’s the equivalent to offering great customer service in store that offline businesses offer, so making sure you get every aspect of your business deliveries right is paramount to your success.

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Here’s a few important packing do’s and don’ts for business deliveries to make sure yours are ticking all the right boxes:

Don’t: Scrimp on Packaging

One of the worst things you can do is try to save money on packaging by using a less expensive material and end up giving customers damaged goods as a result. Although shopping around to source the best priced packaging is vital, making sure that your chosen custom shipping boxes and packaging protects your goods from being banged and bashed around in transit is vital. To help you save, order from a wholesale custom packaging to save on custom boxes.

A parcel that arrives on time and in great condition is crucial to impressing customers and a great way to make sure that they order with your company again.

Don’t: Go with a Budget Courier to Save Money

With the courier you choose being an extension of the service your business offers, going with a budget company is too risky. Deliveries that arrive late, in poor condition or are left in unsafe places are certain to give your business bad feedback and see you lose customers in record time. Investing your money in the services of a great delivery company like the ones that work with Parcels Please, to negotiate first rate deliveries for an amazing price is the best way to make sure your company gets the balance right.

Do: Offer a Variety of Delivery Options

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One of the things that customers love is when you offer a range of super convenient delivery options. From standard delivery between 3-5 days, next day to same day delivery services, giving customers the option to pay for a faster delivery is important. Some businesses also impress customers by offering free standard delivery if the order is over a certain price.

Do: Offer Gift Wrapping

If your business sells the type of product that people may buy as gifts for friends and family, then offering a gift wrapping is a great way to impress. With the option to choose wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, customers will be really impressed when their package arrives and can even order the gift straight to their friends address.

There are plenty more packing do’s and don’ts for businesses but by following these main tips you’ll be able to offer an impressive delivery service.