Is It Time To Update Your Conference Room?

When it comes to the conference room in your office it’s important to design it in a way that will ensure it is flexible for different uses. Meetings between teams, clients and even stakeholders aren’t the same as they used to be, especially with advancements in technology meaning that the use of video conferencing is more prevalent than ever before, and face to face meetings are becoming a thing of the past.

Your conference room should be a reflection of your business, and with the advances in technology combined with changes in trends, is it time to update your conference room?

Modern conference room
photo credit: Steigenberger / Flickr


Office space is required to be more flexible than ever before. And your conference room is no exception. The space is likely to be used in a number of ways, as meeting have transformed from your standard face-to-face meeting; whether it is utilised for a conference call amongst teams across the globe, or for a last minute client meeting. Your conference room should be adaptable for different uses.

Different types of furniture are now being utilised more than ever, with the standard long boardroom table and countless chairs fast becoming a thing of the past. In a standard conference room with 12 chairs around the table, commonly only 4 of these are used? Think about how this space could be utilised in different ways.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is one of the most important aspects of your business. And this should be incorporated right the way throughout your office, including your conference room! This is often the first place that you will take prospective clients, stakeholders and other important people visiting your office space, giving you an opportunity to really make an impression. And we all know that first impressions count, right?

Google conference room, Chelsea market, NY
photo credit: Marcin Wichary / Flickr

Consider the effort that you put in to ensuring your reception space is kept presentable and tidy, implementing this same ideal into the design and overall feel of your conference room can make more of an impact than you could imagine.


Advances in technology have meant that video conferencing is now more prevalent than ever. It is now becoming one of the most popular ways for businesses to hold meetings; and if the technology in your conference room isn’t kept up to date, it will fast become noticeable to not only the team at your office, but also to external people involved.

These advances can also help to ensure there are no visible wires, connectivity ports etc. throughout your conference room, giving you a better chance at that good first impression. Consider what you are commonly utilising your conference room for, utilising video conferencing might mean that extra screens are required to share data on presentations etc., and by not having the access to this kind of technology, you will fast fall behind the times giving the wrong impression that the business is not moving forward.

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