Should You Do Your Own Marketing?

In truth, all great businesses are team businesses. While the originator may be in the media limelight, there are whole teams behind the scenes coordinating the many elements necessary for a successful business.

Unfortunately, when it comes to building an online business, we like to imagine that a DIY approach will be enough to create our fortunes. Through the power of automation, you may indeed be able to set everything up on your own, but sooner or later your business will need to build a team if it is to thrive.

One area that desperately needs a team is marketing. This is because good marketing is data-driven. The more data you can find about your target audience, the greater your chance of business success. Power Digital, a company that specializes in digital marketing in San Diego points out that strategy backed by marketing drives more leads, customers, conversions, sales, and ROI.

Marketing strategy for small businesses

As a solopreneur or a small business owner, you should only do your own marketing if you understand how to do it well and if you don’t have to do anything else to run your company. Otherwise, no. If you don’t know what you’re doing or are distracted by too many things, it’s only too easy to make startup mistakes that can put you out of business.

The DIY Myth

The DIY attitude is rooted in rugged individualism. This can help you break away from consensus thinking, find your voice and express your unique gifts to life, but while it works well for personal growth, it does not work well for business.

“Wait a minute,” you say. “What about self-made men? What about people like Richard Branson who dropped out of school at 16, started a youth-culture magazine called ‘Student,’ and went on to build the billion dollar Virgin Brand?” While Branson certainly evokes admiration for his intrepid life and career, he has built numerous teams to manage his many businesses from records to spacecraft. He is not a lone wolf doing everything singlehandedly.

The idea of the self-made person is only true if you define that as someone who initiates a business idea and did not start out with advantages like industry contacts and ample funding.

Any business involves too much work for one person to do it all. Even if you’re a genius who doesn’t sleep at nights, there still isn’t enough time to get everything done.

Marketing: Your Secret Weapon

It doesn’t matter how well you have set up every element of your business if you mess up on your marketing. Marketing is crucial to the success of your business! Without it, nothing else matters. With it, everything else can be fixed to work well.

Ewen Chia, the well-known multimillionaire Internet Marketer from Singapore, once said that there is only one type of business, a marketing business.

Let’s unpack that sentence for a moment. He didn’t mean that there is only one business in the world. He meant that every business should put most of its focus on its marketing.

Partners in a marketing firm

Why Hire A Marketing Company?

Marketing is not as simple as putting a Facebook ad, receiving a horde of targeted customers and channeling them through a sales funnel. While this impression is often conveyed by people selling DIY marketing courses, the reality of the marketplace is far more complex.

If simple formulas worked as well as advertised, most small businesses would not fail.

The reason startups fail more often than they succeed is because marketing is a complex activity that requires a number of skill sets. It also requires enough people to distribute the workload.

In other words, people who use the DIY approach to marketing are doomed to fail before they even start.

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Company

When you hire a marketing company, you are hiring a team of experts to do the heavy lifting for you and will experience the following benefits.

  1. You will save money by not wasting it on untested marketing strategies.
  2. You will be working with people who have specialized in a variety of skill sets and the synergistic aspect of their efforts will increase leads and convert prospects into customers.
  3. You will free up your time to do what you do best. Perhaps, your core skill is in writing educational ebooks or making explainer videos. Now that you are freed from having to mastermind your own marketing, you can devote your time to improving your product line.
  4. Your company will be using the latest and best marketing ideas. Marketing trends come and go, and it’s only too easy to throw all your efforts into techniques that no longer work. Since a marketing company works with many customers, they keep their finger on the pulse of the latest trends.
  5. You will actually begin to enjoy the lifestyle you envisioned when you first decided to become an entrepreneur. Instead of being frantically busy staying on top of everything, you will be able to find time to do other things besides work.

Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business

Many people who start their own business were once employees, and it very difficult to shake off the worker bee mindset. Most businesses fail not because their owners aren’t trying hard enough but because they have become super employees of their own business and don’t steer their business in the right direction.