That’s Entertainment: Planning a Broadway-Worthy Business Event

Entertainment comes in many different forms and it often has the unique ability to bring people together as they share the experience.

Companies like are continually helping their clients to put together an entertainment event that often does a great job of breaking the corporate ice and allowing your business to develop some lasting relationships, that start with a smile of enjoyment.

Music is always a good choice

Live music concert

If you are looking to host a corporate event that goes with a swing and gets everyone in a party mood, a live music event ticks a lot of the right boxes.

One of the difficult decisions that you have to face at the very early stages of planning an event like this, is to choose the right musicians for not just the taste of the audience that you are catering for, but also the right lineup for your chosen location.

Assessing the suitability of the venue

The sheer logistics of how much space you have to work with are an important consideration, but one that can so often get overlooked.

You want to be able to choose an act that provides the right music for the likely tastes of the assembled guests, but you also but to ensure that the stage is able to accommodate what you have in mind.

It would be a major faux-pas if you chose a ten-piece band, only to find that the stage is only large enough to fit half of them on there comfortably. Make sure you check out the layout and size of the venue that you have in mind, so that your audience and the musicians have enough room to enjoy themselves and work well together.

Take the time to marry up what you want for your musical entertainment and ensure that it is a realistic ambition in relation to the venue that is hosting your event.

Private screening

Another good idea for a corporate event is to organize a private screening of a well-known blockbuster film.

This sort of event gives you plenty of options to enhance the experience in a number of different ways. From providing a popcorn and candy stand for the guests to stock up on treats, to even arranging some celebrity lookalikes who can pass for the stars of the film that are putting on.

It often goes down a storm when a Hollywood A-Lister (albeit not the real one, unless you have some influential friends or a big budget) mingles with your chosen guests and poses for a memorable photograph to commemorate the event.

There are so many things that you do with a cinema event, and it is also a good way of raising money for charity, so set to work and see how you could entertain your guests.

Plenty of laughs

Stand up comedian in event
photo credit: Isabelle / Flickr

Organizing a comedy event with a standup comedian will always ensure that you get plenty of your guests smiling and relaxed throughout the evening.

Choosing the right comedy act for your audience can be a bit tricky, if you are trying to appeal to a fairly diverse crowd, and you obviously want to book someone who has the ability to make most people laugh without causing offence.

Most guests who are invited to a standup comedy event, can decide if the act appeals to them before accepting, so you shouldn’t have too many problems on the night, and there should be plenty of laughs and a good atmosphere.

Get immersive

You might want to consider the idea of staging an immersive event.

This sort of entertainment is designed to draw in the audience into the story that is being told and actors often mingle amongst unsuspecting guests, ready for their big moment as the story unfolds.

You can stage a murder-mystery evening which challenges your guests to solve a mystery while being entertained or you can create any sort of scenario that you want with the help of your hired actors, so that you create a unique event that will be remembered in a favorable light by all of your guests.

Recreate the buzz of the runway

Urban fashion show event
photo credit: j-No / Flickr

A fashion show always manages to create a real sense of theatre and a great buzz amongst the assembled guests.

The best way to approach this type of themed event is often to dedicate the event to a chosen charity and put the emphasis on fun. You can often get a number of local fashion designers and designer outlets involved, and with a glass of something in their hand, your guests will often become engrossed in the drama and theatre of an event that draws on the major fashion events for inspiration.