These Promotional Products are Taking the Market by Storm

Every business person knows that they need some kind of promotional edge in order to excel in the marketplace. Fortunately, today, you can make use of some promotional tools that will help you stand out from your competitors. Some of the major items that are taking the market by storm include:

1. Bags and Totes

Promotional tote bag
photo credit: Incase

Bags and totes are taking the promotional market by storm because they are practical and people transport them everywhere. As a result, people in the public also regularly see company logos and brands on display. When people see a company’s logo on a promotional item like a tote, it sticks in the memory. You never can negate the power of this kind of promotional accessory.

2. Drinkware

BBC Sherlock promotional heat reveal mug
photo credit: George Thomas / Flickr

Drinkware, which can include glasses and coffee mugs, is another promotional accessory that is popular among consumers and marketeers. People use their glasses and mugs every day at work. Therefore, even these small, transportable items can make a solid impression on the users and people who regularly see them in an office or home environment. If you want to enhance your image, then this is a practical and cost-effective way to do it.

3. Wearing Apparel and Caps

NAHBS 2016 promotional T-shirt
photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker / Flickr

You can also get a lot of mileage from wearing stylish apparel with your company’s logo and message imprinted on it. Some of the imprinted items include t-shirts, polo shirts and baseball caps. You can even buy pet apparel for your dog featuring your company’s message and brand. Everyone in a company or household can promote a website or company’s contact number when they have access to promotional clothing.

4. Vehicle Wraps

EcoCAR wrapped vehicle
photo credit: Doeavtc / Flickr

Another promotional solution for a business is vehicle wraps. The vinyl wraps are printed or partially printed with a company’s colours and promotional details. To make sure you include all the needed information, your phone number and company’s name should be set against a lighter background. Motorists have about 5 seconds to look at your advertising or message. Therefore, make sure they can quickly retain the information whilst they are in transit or are travelling in heavy traffic.

5. Custom Promotional Flash USB Drives

USB flash drive key promotional item
photo credit: William Hook / Flickr

Promotional flash drives are ideal items for conventions, orientations and any other venues in-between. In fact, over 90% of the individuals who receive a flash drive use it quite often. The drives offer a handy way to store data – data that can be taken with you during the day. Promotional USB flash drives are featured in many sizes so they can accommodate various storage needs. You can pre-load the pre-branded promotional USB sticks with your company’s information so you are always prepared with meeting material and data.

Choose All the Above Promotional Products for Brand Advertising

You have a lot of ways to draw attention to your logo and brand whilst working online. However, you can extend your marketing objectives by including promotional products off-line too. Promoting your business cannot be done exclusively online or off-line. You need both venues in order to succeed.

Ensure Your Success Both Online and Off-line

When you select the right promotional products, you only need to be patient a little while before you start seeing results on the web. The public picks up certain impressions when they look at all the visual clutter in society. Therefore, make sure that what you are selling stands out from the competition. Ensure your success by paying less money and having people wear, carry or don your company’s message on their person, drinking glasses or vehicle.