5 Advantages Of Using Promotional Products In Your Business

Would you like to find out how promotional products are powerful marketing tools? They can help your business grow at a rapid rate, for one, but this “traditional old-school” method of marketing and advertising is powerful for another reason: they sell.

This concept of “gifting” can be applied to any product under the sun, as long as your customer needs it. Here are 5 more advantages of using promotional products in your business.

Promotional pens
photo credit: Laura Taylor / Flickr

1. It’s New

How many local businesses in your area/region hand out promotional products to their customers? Chances are that not many do because of the perceived “expensive price tag”.

Right away you’re setting your business up for standing out from the crowd. This is because there are more than one rival company in your industry – and offering customers and prospects what rivals don’t will make you stand out.

Standing out is important in this business-saturated world, where every street you walk down has five billboards screaming “BUY ME!

2. Customer Appreciation

What’s one thing people enjoy getting most? Free stuff. What’s something free that you can give people to show them how much you care about them? Whatever you want!

Use promo products to separate yourself from other businesses. Bonus points if these products you give out are ones that your customers actually find useful and interesting, tailored to their specific individualities and what makes them unique.

3. Product Association

Would you like your company to be more identifiable each time someone sees your promotional items? Do you have extra drink ware, writing materials or apparel lying around? You can use these products to market your brand using little effort – because, when these products display your brand’s logo, slogan and website, it is virtually “free” marketing.

What’s important here is to associate your brand with only one type of promotional product – perhaps a pen, or the glass ware mentioned above. This way you will cement your brand’s association with that particular product.

Loyalty program

4. Customer Loyalty

Think about points rewards programs that some grocery companies have. People who sign up for these programs can earn points on purchases at select stores. This is one way of building customer loyalty – by offering discounts as a reward for buying at those stores, people are more likely to buy items at those specific stores.

Offering promotional products (whether or not they upsell your brand or another product) that is useful to peoples’ lives is similar to loyalty programs.

5. Cost

Purchasing ad space, whether it’s online, on TV or on radio, can be expensive – and it can likewise be just as lucrative, that’s if the campaign or advertisement is interesting enough and gets enough sales to break even. Using promotional products costs you dramatically less out of pocket and ends up saving you money – because of the advertising benefits mentioned earlier, which will be doing the ‘selling’ for you while you work your budgetary expenses elsewhere.

Marketing any business can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing; have you considered ways to save money on marketing?


Promotional merch (products) simply do the hard work of marketing for you. This could be considered “gifting” – which endears your brand and company to people.

There is nothing wrong with being thought of positively by customers. Especially when those customers will increase their value to you over their lifetime, and could even possibly refer your business to their friends and family.