The Rise of Promotional Products

Once upon a time you may have been lucky to get a pen, yet now it would be fair to say that the promotional products landscape is changing.

Whether it’s through business development agents on the road, or even at an event like an industry conference, most people have a whole stack of these promotional products in their drawer at the office. Again, back in the day where the products were hardly inspiring they may have been forgotten about, but now the situation is changing. People are taking these products more seriously than before, and this means that they are a must-have for businesses around the land who want to get their name out there.

Following on from the above, our friends at Diamond Promotional Products offer some insights on the main reasons why this approach is only on the rise.

Bags of promotional products

The brand awareness factor

As any business will testify, brand awareness is one of the cornerstones of success. If a brand can at least have this within its arsenal, it makes marketing a whole lot easier. Being known to customers already is significant, and this is where promotional products enter the picture.

In short, every person who receives one of these products from your company is at least going to give it some thought. They might not need your product or services this instant, but if they are at least aware of your brand it might sway them later down the line when the time arises.

Wristbands as promotional items
photo credit: Bh Sovon / Flickr

Marketing by numbers

This time, we’re talking about mass marketing. Again, most established businesses will know all about the costs associated with this method of marketing. It might be worthwhile (at least over the long-term) but it’s certainly expensive and these costs are very hard to justify for a lot of businesses unless they are sizeable.

Through promotional products, it’s quite easy to reach the masses though. The industry has now reached a stage where these products are much more affordable, meaning that the cost obstacles are nowhere near as prevalent.

Let’s not forget that this involves indirect marketing as well. For example, it’s not just the person using the promotional product who might be a potential customer, but also anyone who comes into their path. This can open up a lot of doors, hence the term mass marketing.

Duck promotional items
photo credit: Ryan Johnson / Flickr

Happy customers

It doesn’t matter which industry you serve, customer satisfaction is always going to be high on the agenda. Something else that is irrelevant to the industry in which you deal with is the fact that people are always happy to receive something for nothing. This is exactly what promotional products are.

In other words, these promotional products will make your customers happy. Immediately, fresh with your business in mind, these customers are more likely to utilize your company in the future.

This is the secret of promotional products. They don’t necessarily have to prompt immediate, business-changing results, but over the long-term the benefits can be substantial and this should never be overlooked.