Mail Forwarding: A Perfect Solution for Travelers

Mail Forwarding: A Perfect Solution for Travelers

Do you enjoy travelling, either for business or leisure? Well, that’s great! But what about your mail? If you’re ever away from home for long periods of time, you should consider using a service that can manage your physical mail and allow you to access it on the go. The solution for you is POBOX Zone, the best mail forwarding service on the market. Our services are not only exceptional and convenient, but they are also available right now for unmatched prices.

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Let’s list some of the features so you can better understand the benefits:

1. Mail Receiving & Street Addresses

We receive your mail using a real address, not a PO Box. We provide you with a unique and real address. Thanks to this, we – unlike many other companies – have no problem receiving parcels from courier delivery services like FedEx or DHL, which only deliver to street addresses. Currently, we provide addresses in Las Vegas, NV, with addresses in Delaware and Wyoming coming soon. We open your mail only if you want it to be scanned and sent to you via email- otherwise it will be delivered to you unopened.

2. Mail Scanning & Uploading To The Cloud

One of the reasons people use mail forwarding services is not only to have it received, but also to have it scanned and emailed so that it is available anywhere. We scan your mail and send it to you as a PDF file via email. We also offer free integration with major clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, so you can keep all of your mail organized in one place.

Price per scan depends on two things: the number of pages you need and your selected plan. With our best plan, scans up to 10 pages are completely free. Your bills and important documents don’t have to wait anymore! Of course, on the same day you request it, we scan and send you the mail you need.

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3. Mailouts When You Want

If you are currently staying somewhere away from home and want your mail delivered to you, no problem! We’ll bundle together the mail you want and send it to you, regardless of your location. Your mail can be stored for up to 6 months, and if you don’t really need the physical copy, we will shred it for free. You also have the option to set up regularly scheduled mailouts, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You are also welcome to come collect your mail at our office – just don’t forget your ID.

We are often asked how it is that we are allowed to receive your mail. Well, you have to give us permission first. The form must fill out is called Form 1538. The form itself has to be notarized – but worry not – you can use NotaryCam, a convenient online notary, so you don’t have to visit a notary in person.

So as you see, there are plenty of benefits of having a virtual address at POBOX Zone. Our prices are incredibly competitive, starting at only $49 a year. No matter where you’ll end up travelling next, you can rest assured that your mail is taken care of.

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