4 Marketing Options for Your Business

If your business does not already have a marketing strategy then I strongly suggest that you reconsider and put one in place.

Whatever area of business you are in, you need to be promoting your company to new clients and it has literally never been easier to do so. You can guarantee that your competitors will be pushing for new customers through various forms of marketing and you won’t be able to beat them if you don’t have your own strategy or if theirs is stronger than yours.

Today we’re going to take a look at different forms of marketing that your business can use to gain more customers.


Advertising truck in Japan
photo credit: Dick Thomas Johnson / Flickr

In spite of modern technology and the brand new world of marketing that is now available, traditional marketing still very much has its place. By traditional marketing we are talking about physical marketing, flyers, posters, banners, entries in newspapers and magazines.

If you have a small business then these options can work wonders for you, remember that the idea of marketing is to get your name and your products out there and with this form of marketing you can really put your name in people’s faces.

SEO Marketing

SEO boosts your overall business growth

SEO is search engine optimization, essentially getting your company as high up the search engine results for particular keywords. SEO can form an important part of your marketing strategy, used alone you are unlikely to see much return on your investment but together with other online tools it can work wonders.

There is lots of software out there to help you in your SEO efforts and you can check out the top 10 SEO software reviews online.

Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing

The dawn of the internet has brought with it a marketer’s dream in the form of social media, a collection of thousands of pairs of eyes just waiting for your company or business to appear on their screens. Almost every strategy that you conceive should contain social media marketing within it as the success rate is incredibly high.

Marketing on social media isn’t as easy as it sounds however, the changes in algorithms on Facebook for example have been done in an effort to tailor make what users see, on Twitter, there is so much information flying past people’s eyes that yours can get lost in the news feed. This being said, if you can provide a quality and targeted social media campaign, aimed at the people who are likely to enjoy your product then you will see some excellent rates of success.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is a relatively new form of marketing that involves you interacting with new and existing customers, without trying to sell them anything. The idea is that you gain the trust and loyalty of customers by conversing with them on social media or via email. Once you have gained their attention then you can gently promote your products to them.

With so much competition on the internet, customers are far more likely to opt for a company that has gained their trust.


Whichever options you choose, you need to make sure that the best strategy of all is “start.”  Start strategizing and planning for your marketing, and start executing your plan.  The market won’t wait for you: Whoever reaches them and gains their trust first, win.

Business competition is harsh, and executing your well-planned marketing quickly is probably one of your biggest competitive advantages, especially when you’re up against giant competitors.