Exclusive Q&A with Grant Cardone on Selling for Introverts

Can introverts succeed in business? Yes, they can.  Just ask Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, J.K. Rowling and other successful introverts; the list can go on and on.

Unfortunately, our society is so broken that we often view introverts as those who are lacking, especially in interpersonal skills.  While many experts tend to support introverts by ‘defending’ them using their research and observation to justify their behavior, not many see it from the other side of the coin: What if introverts are viewed as “less” simply because they don’t have enough drive to be best version of they are – and choose to stay in the comfort zone, knowing that others are the ones who should understand them, not the other way around?

In this episode of Q&A interview, we have a great opportunity to converse with Grant Cardone, a prolific sales experts, motivational speaker and best-selling author known for his unique approach to business, especially sales.  He’ll turn your world upside down, changing your view on the whole issues related to sales and introverts.

Grant Cardone

Ivan Widjaya (Q):  Hi, Grant – I’m a fan of your no-nonsense sales tactics! Just in case there are several of our readers who never heard of you, please kindly introduce yourself and share with us what you do for a living

Grant Cardone (A): 19 best-selling business programs and books involving sales, business development and financial advice.  Self-made serial entrepreneur of five privately owned businesses that do 100m in annual sales.   Husband of 12 years father of two and a guy who will help anyone who wants to help themselves.

Q: You’ve worked with Google, Morgan Stanley and more to help them improve their sales. From your experience working with them, what’s the most common mistake made by those companies that potentially lose them millions in sales.

A: The most common mistake of the greats is becoming satisfied with what they have done rather than what they can do. Staying focused on the right things is what matters.  I teach companies how to do one thing – Expand Revenue.  Whether is a monster sized Fortune 50 company or a person working from home I simply teach people how to expand their company through the expansion of Revenue.

Q: I understand that no sales mean no business; but I’m not a natural sales person. Even worse, I’m an introvert and I don’t enjoy talking with people. What should I do to break myself free?

A: First of all, there is no such thing as a natural sales person. Those guys are never great that simply are comfortable talking to others. I don’t like talking to people either and I hated sales.  But I love revenue because it is the only way to grow my business. When I realized that others can help me get where I want to get I become willing to talk to them.   I don’t want to be a loser, I don’t want to let my wife and kids down, I don’t want to quit on my dreams, and I don’t just want to get by so I am willing to push myself out there to talk to people who can help me not let myself, my wife and my kids down.

The second bigger part of this question concerns goals.  If where you want to go isn’t worth going, there is no reason to make yourself uncomfortable.  If you tell me I can win the lottery by talking to strangers, I will go out of my way.  The point is your need to become obsessed with doing big things that will change your life not just maintain the status quo.  Become obsessed with dreams so big your life will change in a monster way.  When I finally started dreaming big – and even becoming obsessed with these ideas I was able to give up on all the little labels I had trapped myself by.

Q: I view introverts as those who like to dwell deep with their thoughts – and often made great prey for haters because of it.  How introverts can deal with haters effectively?

A: Introverts don’t get enough criticism and hate.   Introverts are selfish people. I know because I used to use this idea to stay focused on myself, my feelings, my fears and my thoughts rather than take interest in others.  Those who live below their potential are selfish.  Anyone who can get rich and doesn’t is selfish. Anyone who can change the world and then doesn’t is selfish.   People are so stuck on themselves they give up on their dreams.  If you look around you will see lots of people who don’t like talking to people doing whatever it takes to make their dreams a reality.  I hated sales so I became great at it.  I didn’t like speaking to groups so I made a career of it.  I hated clipping coupons so I got rich.  The ultimate introvert would get so rich they never have to talk to anyone if they elect not to. This is called FU money the ultimate introverts retaliation.

On the haters issue.  I don’t care if people criticize me or hate on me. I care if they don’t because I know all people that do great things get criticized and hated until one day they get admired.  The kids that used to beat me up in high school now say,” I always knew Cardone was going to do something big.”

Q: I learn that your book, “Be Obsessed or Be Average” is scheduled for release this Fall, and I heard that it’s great news for introverts in business.  Please share with us what the book is all about.

A: The book gives the reader the permission to embrace their addictive compulsive obsessive personality and tap into that energy rather than apologizing or disguising it.  My entire childhood and up to the age of 42 I was labeled many negative things even prescribed drugs for OCD, ADD, ADHD and more.  Rather than taking the drugs prescribed to me I embraced my obsessions with success, quit making apologies for those obsessions with fame, wealth, success, happiness and fulfilling my potential.

Q: Lastly, please share some tips for introverts like me on how to be good, if not exceptional, in sales, tactic-wise.

A: You want to be great at sales you have to make a commitment to get great at sales.  Sales is simply revenue.  If you don’t want revenue than just tell everyone you have made a commitment to be poor and not have revenue.   Get a tee shirt “I am poor because I am an introvert.”  If you are not willing to talk to those who have what you want, you will not get what you deserve.  I teach my kids, “strangers have everything you want – everything!” Be willing to talk to people you don’t know in order to get what you don’t yet have and want.  My job as a parent is to make sure they are around strangers that aren’t a threat to my kids and can actually improve the quality of their lives.”

Bottom line for introverts: Be Obsessed or Be Average.  There are no rewards for labeling yourself.