The Benefits of Workplace Drug Testing

Employment drug testing can be a powerful risk-management tool that can promote short-term and long-term benefits in the workplace. Employers who test their employees or job applicants for illicit substance have revealed the following advantages:

Drug testing

Fewer chances of accidents and injuries

Some jobs are dangerous to perform even when a person is sober. Driving a truck or handling heavy equipment requires a person to be completely alert which is why testing for drugs is necessary.

It has been reported that employees who use drugs are four times as likely to suffer on-the-job injuries and are responsible for 40% of industrial fatalities. Pre-employment drug tests or random drug tests can help identify who use drugs or not, promoting safety in the workplace.

Avoiding problems from drug use

Pre-employment drug testing most likely assures that a current user won’t be hired for the job. A drug problem can spiral out of control and affect the business and the workplace environment. Someone you deem reliable at first can show up late for work, miss targets, become a nuisance to his or her coworkers and cause additional stress. Consider doing routine drug testing such as the 5 panel drug test Health Street offers so that you know that your employees are clean without breaking the bank.

Increased revenue

Employees who are using illicit drugs are more likely to show signs of absenteeism, sluggishness, poor judgement, lack of focus, lack of productivity, theft and fraud which in turn lead to lowered output and revenue. Employment drug testing makes employees feel safe and confident, seeing how their employer is committed to providing a safe working environment for everyone. This act boosts morale and productivity.

Workplace drug testing

Reduced company costs

Without high turnover rates due to drug use, the company would be able to save more money. There will be a decrease in legal costs, as well as health insurance, liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance rates. Drug abuse costs employers over 1 billion a year.

In addition, buying home test kits from an online store like home THC test kits online can also save companies the high expense of sending employees to a clinic.

Harmonious employee relationship

Another benefit that comes with workplace drug testing is that both employee and employer can have a good relationship because the environment is conducive for working. This kind of interpersonal relationship is beneficial to the improvement of how things are being handled in the company especially in day-to-day work process, interacting with clients, and distribution of tasks, meetings and normal interaction between managers and co-workers.

Finally, it helps employees with drug problems

Not all employers fire employees who failed their drug tests. There are a few thoughtful ones who give their drug-using employees a second chance, and oftentimes help them recover by sending them to rehabilitation programs under the company’s expense.