The 2019 PPI Deadline: What Should You Do To Claim Your Mis-Sold PPI Fast

The proposed deadline of claiming the scandalous PPI mis-selling is approaching. If you haven’t claim your mis-sold PPI, then the right time to do it is ASAP.

Claiming mis-sold PPI

PPI, gone wrong

Payment protection insurance or PPI is a way to protect a loan. In general form, it applies to any instrument by the loan that is in your names such as a mortgage, car loan or even a credit card.

The purpose of PPI policies is to ensure against missing payments on a credit line or loan if the borrower cannot repay because of issues such as accident, sickness or unemployment.

As for the eligibility, most PPI policies allow 65 or 70 years of age to apply, and they must be employed at the time of the assumption of a policy of this kind. Those who are self-employed do not qualify for it.

While PPI looks beneficial on paper, the flawed in implementation has caused millions of UK consumers to mistakenly being sold the PPI.

There are chances that a PPI policy is sold by mistake and in some cases, it is not expressly applied for, or the loan company insisted that it was a mandatory part of the pack and it will work to secure the loan. There is also the possibility of PPI sold by mistake when you did not know it was mandatory and could have been acquired at a lower price elsewhere. Especially, if you happen to be retired or unemployed at the time of purchase, then definitely you purchased unnecessarily.

Due to the scale of the systematical ‘error’, you need to reclaim your mis-sold PPI in timely manner – preferably before you reach the claims’ deadline in 2019.

How To Reclaim Your Mis-Sold PPI – Fast

You can start securing your PPI refund by writing a letter to your insurance company or bank. For starters, stating why you believe your insurance was wrongly sold. Be sure to list all of the applicable requirements to support and help justify your case. You’ll also need to include a clear division of your budgets, and attach it to your letter.

Mis-sold PPI
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A good example of the letter should state why you think you were mis-sold to. Most people make an error on this, they go ahead and write a furious tone which is wrong if you want to reclaim quickly.

Your lender may not grant the request on the first attempt. But do not be afraid, it does not deter you from taking any further action. The case may seem impossible at first, but if you are persistent, you have a high probability of recovering your money.

Make sure you give the lender an ultimatum. This is to inform the lender that you know what you are doing and are not afraid.

If you want a faster reclaim, you can also choose to hire a claim company like Canary Claims to make things easier for you. You can search for a reliable claims company on the internet. Make sure you find a company that can negotiate your request. They must have experience in processing claims from wrongly sold PPI and can provide customers references as a backup.

You can also involve the Financial Ombudsman Service if there is no answer or your complaint is yet to be resolved. Let them know that you are ready to take legal action if necessary. The service is free to use, and they make an investigation to know who is right.


As the deadline for PPI claims is pushed to June 2019, the cost of the PPI scandal will continue to rise. As financial institutions want the claims to be done quickly and in orderly manner, consumers need to respond to it by claiming their mis-sold PPI quickly. Make sure that you don’t miss out!