Used Tech Market is HUGE: How to Capitalise on it in 2017

In the five years between 2007 and 2013, used smartphone values in the UK went up by over 500 percent (source). If you currently have a smartphone you want to trade-in, trade-up, or sell outright, this means there’s never been a better time to offload those items for a dandy profit.

Old smartphones

Here are just a few of the most popular ways to get the best deal you can on your used tech in 2017:

Post ads in classifieds

A real easy, if not annoying option (when your mobile starts ringing off the hook with calls night and day!) There are so many sites online that cater to British folk looking to sell off their old gadgets. If you have the temperament to deal direct with the buying public (and all their annoying questions and low-ball offers) this isn’t the worst way for selling used tech.

While there are several niche sites to consider, my best recommendation is to stick with the big boys; the sites that garner the most traffic. Head over and place an ad to sell your old tech on Craigslist, Gumtree, Free Ads, or Loot.

Consider auction websites

Auctioning off your used tech requires about the same level of patience that classified selling does. Simply plug in your reserved price (the minimum you’ll sell the item for) and let the bidding begin.

Ebay, Ebid, NewEgg, and others are all options to consider. You need to have some savvy as to how these platforms work. Basically, you post an item for auction, set a reserve price and deadlines for final bids, then ideally pay a comparatively small fee to the platform provider and payment processor for allowing you to sell that item.

Manufacturer recycling/trade-in programs

Apple Renew
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Manufacturers in the UK, Europe, Asia, and across the pond in North America all now place a reasonable value on your old tech such as mobiles, tablets, portable audio gear, and much more. Some require item still work, while others will purchase the tech for the express intention of repurposing valuable internals.

For instance, Apple has Apple Renew, which offers a gift card up to £275 to use on any new Apple product, if your trade-in item qualifies. Most all manufacturers offer a similar program for your old tech items, but do keep in mind the retailer may not offer what you feel (or know) the item is worth.


Pawnbrokers all across the UK will pay you money for your old electronics. Like so many other options, you may not get top resale dollar, particularly if your property to sell is past its prime. However, you’re not making anything off it if it’s sitting around collecting dust either.

Make sure to research the pawnbroker’s reputation and the typical going rate for the electronics you want to sell before selling off your items. Most reputable outfits pay the industry going-rate to stay competitive; others are dodgy and operate by taking advantage of uneducated sellers.

Use online trade-in services

Online trade-in
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There are a million-and-one different online retailers that specialise in both buying and selling used mobile smartphones, tablets, and accessories. Many of these services have proved to be nothing but dodgy scammers over the years. With competition heating up in this corner of the market, there are several who are making a big name for themselves.

Fone Wizard is one of the UK’s largest platforms for selling used tech online. They’re at the top because of how well they treat their customers, almost always paying what their online quote calculator promises, even if normal wear and tear is present.

Protip: If you’re looking to trade up to a better phone, but don’t want to pay the full MSRP for new, you can head over to 4Gadgets who cater to customers interested in buying second hand tech that’s gently used, affordable, and fully warrantied for 180 days after purchase.


The average consumer in the UK opts for a new mobile every 18 months. Most new mid and high-end phones will pass through 3 separate owners before being retired.

Understanding these facts, and looking for the best return possible on your used tech, will not only ensure you get the most out of your investment, but also guarantees savings when it comes time to upgrade when desired.