5 Healthcare Business Ideas for 2017

5 Healthcare Business Ideas for 2017

Whether you a medical professional or not, one can never deny the fact that business seems to boom in the healthcare industry. The reason for this is simply because health allows people to create wealth, so as the saying goes — health is wealth. The healthcare industry is also one of the most regulated industries in the world since the presence of fake drugs and quack doctors can lead to terrible effects. These opportunities and challenges are what making the healthcare business interesting for entrepreneurs and investors.

If you are a budding entrepreneur looking for a good place to start, a health-related business is one great way to go. Here are some surefire healthcare business ideas that will kick-start your new year:

1. Healthcare fairs

Healthcare trade event
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By organizing medical and healthcare fairs, you will be able to market your own goods and services as well as allow other entrepreneurs to market theirs. This could boom as a business especially for those who have a flair for organizing events and who are inclined to the healthcare industry.

But why fairs are lucrative? Well, people are easily attracted to fairs because of free patient monitoring services for the early detection and treatment of diseases. This is where vital signs are checked, which can be acquired through proper equipment that includes a fully functional NIBP system with NIBP hose.

2. Personal training services

Personal training service

Make use of your athletic background by sharing your knowledge and expertise to others, with a fee, of course. Launching a personal training business can be an instant hit, especially since we live in a society where fitness and wellness is a thing. This will especially target those in the upper class; talk about celebrities, businessmen, and government officials.

Keep your clients fit and healthy by providing advice on healthy lifestyle changes. Sooner or later, you might be able to launch a fitness center with necessary certification and training.

3. Mobile screening and testing

Mobile medical screening and testing

Take medical tests and services out of the hospital and into the patients themselves through a mobile business idea. There is high demand in delivering these medical services with instant results. Your screening and testing service on wheels can provide the basic patient vital signs monitoring services, which could include NIBP equipment with NIBP cuff and hose, as well as insulin shots.

4. Maternity center

Maternity center

A lot of pregnant women struggle with the cost of childbirth, hindering them to seek hospital services, which is why a maternity center can gain guaranteed profit. This can be an easy route, especially if you are a midwife and are located in a rural area where healthcare facilities are scarce.

Complete your maternity center by purchasing the necessary equipment, which can include non-invasive blood pressure devices with NIBP cuff.

5. Sales and lease for medical equipment

Medical instruments

Entrepreneurs can always attract profits from hospitals, clinics, and even government agencies from selling or leasing medical tools and equipment. Since they will always look out for great deals, you can give them that by bridging the gap between manufacturers and the users.

There are a lot of devices that you can invest on; you can even include NIBP accessories such as an NIBP hose, connector, and a lot more.


There are more ideas ready to take on in 2017, but the five mentioned above is a good starting point for helping you discover more niche ideas along the way.

When you’re pursuing your dream for starting up a healthcare business in 2017, just remember that ideas without proper execution are just dreams or aspirations. So, get your startup off the ground and get to work.Happy starting up in 2017!

Ivan Widjaya

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