3 Health-Based Startup Business Ideas

Health is a huge concern for a large number of people. In fact, the top two New Year’s resolutions made for 2018 were to eat a healthier diet and to increase the level of regular physical exercise, both being set by 37 percent of the population.

That makes this a great industry to enter into if your goal is to start your own business in a field that has a large amount of potential due to its high consumer appeal. But what can you do to earn a decent (if not amazing) level of income while also helping millions of people achieve a higher level of health and wellness in the process? Here are three options to consider.

Sporty woman using a health app

1. Create and Sell a Health-Based Product

If you’re a creative person, why not channel your inner energies into creating a product designed to help others reach their health goals, building a business off of that? It’s kind of like having the best of both worlds in that you get to design new and innovative items while also building a profitable company and brand that becomes synonymous with improved wellness.

Of course, in order to take this route, you need to first come up with a new product idea. This could involve developing a proprietary supplement, or it may be more in the form of a piece of equipment or workout attire that absolutely revolutionizes the exercise industry.

For inspiration, it may help to take a look at other health and fitness products and see if any of them inspires you. You could also talk to people who have health-related goals and ask them what their biggest struggle is when it comes to living a healthier life.

Design a product that helps them overcome that and you’ll likely have a winner. Tap into your creativity multiple times and you can even potentially create an entire health-based product line.

2. Sell Other People’s Health-Based Items

Not exactly creative or having a hard time coming up with a product that either improves upon or is completely different than any others that are available on the market today? That’s okay because you don’t have to be an inventor in order to earn money in the health and wellness industry. In fact, you can make quite a bit of money solely by selling other people’s goods.

With ecommerce giants like Amazon grossing billions of dollars per year, one super-easy way to earn your fair share of the pie is to set up your own ecommerce site and offer your clients access to other people’s health-based creations. A few startup business ideas in this field specifically include selling HIIT (high intensity interval training) equipment, matcha tea, and compression socks.

By offering products that revolve solely around improving health, your customers will likely begin to see you as an expert in this field. This can keep them coming back to you for all of their healthcare products, increasing your business continually over time.

Personal trainer

3. Offer Health-Based Services

If you have education and/or experience within the health field, another startup business option is to offer your services to those who are looking for help in a particular area. Doctors and nurses do this every day, as do health coaches, personal trainers, and registered dieticians.

Maybe you already do this for another company and are interested in opening your own business. In this case, it’s just a matter of taking your skills and knowledge and applying them for yourself versus using them to make money for someone else.

Or perhaps you need additional training before you can open a service-based business. This may require going back to school, earning a certification, or otherwise obtaining the knowledge you need to be able to provide your future clients a valuable (and profitable) service.

Whether your business is going to be product or service-based, the reality is that there is a huge portion of the population that is just waiting for someone like you to help them meet their goals. Now all you have to do is decide which option is best for you based on your skills and your individual goals.

Who knows? Maybe the answer is to do some combination of all three, increasing your profit potential even more.