How to Make Booking Easier for your Clients using Mobile Booking Software

The smartphone has become a crucial device to almost everyone around the world. In fact, they are mostly used even more than the PCs and laptops today.  Phone manufacturers and app developer recognize the trends, and they make things easier for users to access the Internet and any websites they want.  Today, people access the Internet via their smartphone, instead of any other devices.

Many businesspeople have taken this chance to their advantage as one can make orders or send emails right from the coffee shop or anywhere else, really. Smartphones also increase the mobility of business people, reducing the need for them to stay in the office for processing customers’ orders.

Mobile booking

Not only how we work, but mobile technology also changes the way businesses serve clients.  One of the most impacted business processes is booking.

If at all the organization has activities that require booking capabilities – such as travel agents, event management companies, classes, and so on – then it’s recommended for them to acquire a proper mobile booking software that enables clients to make a booking via their mobile devices.  But why?

What really is a mobile booking software?

A mobile booking system is a software specifically made for a smartphone so that it can access your website and make any orders and any booking activity offered therein. This makes it practically possible and easy for any prospective customer to access the website and be able to book anything via the phone regardless of where they are.

Imagine a customer booking just from wherever they are. At the same, imagine how a travel agent can track the customer’s purchasing activities and learn their preferences, so that the agent can suggest the most suitable services/products. An example of such software is Bookinglive. It’s one of the companies that enables businesses to capitalize on the rapid growth market of smartphone owners.

Make your business better

Mobile booking software like Bookinglive is no longer focusing on one business activity only.  Not only booking, but the software also enable businesses to do the following:

  • Customer CRM: Not only you can track and maintain your customers’ information, but you can also enable your customers to manage their bookings and process the payment.
  • Product/service management: You can manage availability and resources.
  • Online payment and invoicing: Businesses can choose over 30 online payment gateways to process customers’ payments.
  • Integrate with other apps: Integrate the software easily with your business website’s back end system.
  • …and so on.

The features offered above eliminate the need for using other individual apps, which can potentially result in compatibility and safety issues.

A lady is using a smartphone


Not all apps are created equal. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to choose reliable and easy to use mobile booking system.  This will help your company, as much as your customers.  Make sure that you take your time to shop around, compare booking apps and choose the one that suits your company’s requirements.