Six Steps to Staying Safe Online with Enhanced Identity Theft Protection

Surf the Web Freely! Follow These Six Easy Steps For Enhanced Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft protection

In today’s day and age, the internet is an amazing place where billions of people search the web daily. However, it is also a dangerous place where 1 in 4 emails are hacked and your enhanced identity theft protection can be breached.

You want to keep up with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and simultaneously protect your identity. You want to use Evernote and Dropbox to conveniently store your files, but you also want credit protection. You must correspond with co-workersand friends through your Gmail or Yahoo accounts, but you need identity protection.

All of these risks including fraud protection and enhanced identity theft protection can be easily managed by following these Six simple steps provided.

Six Steps to Staying Safe

Identity theft
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1. Create strong passwords

For securing your identity protection, you must first and foremost make your account difficult to be hacked. When choosing a password, you must choose something unique that cannot be easily guessed by strangers or close friends. You should choose the longest possible combination of numbers, symbols, lower and uppercase letters that you can still remember.

2. Keep confidential information close

For enhanced identity theft protection, do not share your personal or account information with anyone, or store this information on the web.

3. Be Careful when installing programs or agreeing to terms

Always read the fine print when installing, downloading or agreeing to any kind of terms. Look for disclosures on sites that state they will not sell your name or other identifying information to other companies.

4. What to do if you are locked out of your accounts

You should immediately change your passwords and recover your account to lock out the potential hacker. After regaining access to your account, you should check for any unusual activity, your outgoing email messages and your contacts to make sure no actions were taken without your consent.

5. Be smart and outsource

There are many very effective systems that can provide enhanced identity theft protection for you. There are services and phone applications that monitor your accounts, without acquiring any of your personal information, usernames or passwords. These services alert you if they see any suspicious activity, and can quickly protect your identity. You can check a company’s privacy policy for more information about the information they acquire in providing you with identity protection.

6. Check out advanced scanning technology

For enhanced identity theft protection, you should invest in a system that can protect you from the latest threats. This can also provide credit protection against financial and data stealing malware.

It’s worth your while investing in a service to keep your personal information safe.

Protect your identity well

Companies such as Logdog provide identity protection services by actively monitoring accounts for signs of suspicious activity and then notify you about these suspicious activities right away. Hence, it gives you the power to quickly respond to these alerts.

For your utmost safety, security and enhanced identity theft protection, while enjoying the benefits of the internet, follow these six steps!