Making a Big Impression with a Small Business

Small businesses influence the national economy more than their larger cousins, but it’s the big corporations that make the major headlines in most cases. When any small business is developing its products and services, it’s important to look like an established company. Consumers simply trust in “big” companies that have a lot of perceived resources.

It’s not necessary for a small business to automatically become a major corporation in order to experience any success. Small businesses simply need to use today’s technology and old-fashioned psychology to look big in the eyes of prospective customers.

Appear bigger
photo credit: Nick Page / Flickr

Grow the Social-Media Presence

Social media has never been more important than it is today for small businesses. If you only have a dozen followers, your company appears instantly small. Go on both professional and popular social-media sites, including LinkedIn and Facebook, and start a following as quickly as possible.

Contact colleagues, loved ones and other contacts in the business. These people can start your following as you gear up with daily posts, videos and images. With a growing following, online, the company appears big when it could be as small as five employees.

Add an Advanced Phone System

Picking up the phone when a customer calls can make or break a company. Ideally, you want advanced business phone systems to perform this job. When customers are greeted by a phone tree, they instantly know that this company is a big one. Ideally, pick a hosted PBX system so that calls can be routed and answered by voice mail as necessary. These systems can be used in companies with a handful of workers or more than 100 people because they’re extremely affordable to purchase. Each incoming call arrives on a system that’s largely understood as a big-business tool.

Explore Regional Conferences

Find and attend local conferences in your specific industry. These conferences are perfect times to meet new contacts and offer a well-rounded speech. By speaking to the group, the business appears large because of your professionalism and knowledge on the subject. A few workers may be at your office, but the conference attendees will believe that a huge building full of departments is your return destination.

Constantly Update the Website

A frequently updated website is a hallmark of a big business. Consider a specials or announcements page for those limited-time events. Change some of the home page paragraphs to reflect a changing vision in the company too. Videos and images that depict the latest items or services in the business are perfect ways to advertise the brand while maintaining a “big” reputation.

Small business mobile app

Develop Mobile Apps

Most small businesses don’t have a mobile website or specialized app for smartphones and tablets. These subtle additions to your site are incredibly important as the perception of your size continues to grow. The mobile app helps your customers with easy access to core information. Consumers see the app addition as a major undertaking so your company is instantly big and established in their minds.

Enhance the Email Signature

Signing your emails with a final greeting and a typed name won’t generate any buzz about your company. It simply looks like a personal email response. Ideally, add your company name, address, contact numbers and email address to the signature. Below that section, include a confidentiality clause that stipulates that any correspondence from this address is strictly between the named parties.

By ending every email with these elements, the company appears like a huge corporation that’s poised to take on the world.

Create a Brand or Logo

If your company doesn’t have a logo, hire a designer to create one. Big businesses have a recognizable logo that’s used on almost all correspondence, from emails to app development. This logo should be distinct along with branding that includes specific color tones. When customers see a specific color pattern, they’ll know that they’re dealing with a company that they trust. Small businesses will often overlook this detail, and their size is almost always revealed.

Be a Wordsmith

Business may be busy most of the time, but take some effort to develop a blog. Every large company has a blog that links out to other relevant sites. Start a weekly blog, and ask colleagues to guest host on the page at times. Guest bloggers and extra links out to external websites will only grow the business from an online perspective while bolstering the idea that it’s a big company.

Professionalism is still a core feature of any successful business. Keep customer service as a top priority, especially at the virtual level. When customers see that you’ll actively respond and interact with them, growth into a larger business is nearly guaranteed. Being treated well by a business will sell the brand in almost any economic climate.