6 Tips for Turning Your Hobby Into a Business

As long as you can make money doing what you love, you never have to truly “work”. There is a niche for just about anything these days, and a variety of ways to turn a niche into a profit. You could create your own product or service, start a blog and try to earn ad revenue, sell informational products, etc. The best time to start is now. This post on Shopify.com explains that you should “act when the idea is fresh”’ don’t sit on it.

Photography as a hobby business

Need more tips? If so, here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Start writing and speaking about your hobby

Focus on topics that haven’t been covered yet. The more specific your content, the better. Just publish the content on a blog or website. You won’t make money right away, but it’s a great place to start as it allows you to “brand” yourself. For example, if you enjoy fixing up electronics, write about repairing used printers and focus on one specific manufacturer at a time.

2. Invent or create a product for fellow enthusiasts

A product doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical item. You could create and sell a digital product or offer a service. If you don’t feel confident enough to create your own product just yet, consider looking into affiliate or networking opportunities and sell other products.

3. TEACH the hobby

You might be able to turn your passion into a teaching business. Offer lessons locally, sell lessons online through a “membership portal”, or do a combination of both. Using the example above, you could create a series DIY videos on fixing used digital printing equipment. Share the first few videos for free to get people interested, and then charge a membership fee for access to the more advanced stuff.

Fixing things as a hobby business

4. Start your own appraisal or repair business

If you love fixing things in your spare time, why not try doing it for a living? Or, if you consider yourself to be an expert of sorts in antiques or real estate, start a reprisal business. Find out what kind of certification or licensing you need (if any) to start a repair or appraisal business in your area. WikiHow offers a good step-by-step guide on becoming a real estate appraiser.

5. Start nurturing your network

As you begin to develop your plan, reach out to all of your contacts, including former classmates and business associates, friends, family, and so forth. Join social media sites like LinkedIn to help you expand your network. Be sure to check out your target audience and develop a plan to market toward them.

Freelancer working with laptop

6. Try the “side-hustle” strategy

If you are still uncertain whether or not your hobby will be a profitable venture, just develop it as a side-hustle first. Test the waters a bit to see how well the idea performs as a part-time side-business. Use this time to learn business and accounting basics.

No matter what your favorite hobby is, there are some opportunities for profit out there – you just have to look for them and decide which one is best for you.