Why Work-Life Balance is Important and Tips to Achieve It

Work life balance is about creating the healthy and supportive work environment for those employees who are striving hard in order to integrate their personal and work responsibilities. As per a research conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, work life balance is the second most important attribute for the employees in an organization after compensation.

Today, the jobs have become highly demanding, and in order to ensure that the employees keep on delivering their best performance, it’s vital to offer them some rewards and flexibilities. Work-life balance is one of these flexibilities that employees require.

Happy and productive employees

Why Work-Life Balance is Important?

For employees the pressure to focus on work and see the other activities as a frivolous diversion has turned out to be extensively institutionalized. Thus, it is considered as the major reason behind the inability to achieve a high level of performance and the lack of creativity.

This acknowledges the underlined fact that it is indeed necessary for individuals to satisfy their need for leisure and enjoyment. Apart from the paid formal and paid employment, one also needs time for his /her other responsibilities and hobbies.

All this can only be achieved through a perfect work-life balance. The lack of work life balance may result in employee burnout and many other health issues.

How to Achieve Work Life Balance?

There are many ways to achieve the work life balance, and employees can do it when they are supported by the organizations they are working for.

Following are some of the best tips that can be used to achieve the work life balance.

Leverage the Technology to Your Advantage

Technology, when used smartly, can help in making the life easier. Using the technology tools, you can work from your home and with the mobility oriented apps, you can stay connected with the people without being physically present.

Give Yourself Some Private Time

Give yourself some private time, whether it is daydreaming in the subway or appreciating the good weather while walking to your work. If you don’t give yourself any personal time pockets in your busy schedule, you will become too burned out with the responsibilities that you won’t be able to appreciate anything in your life.

Work from home


Telecommuting a couple of times a week can free up some valuable hours, which you can utilise for focusing on your work while using the extra hours to fulfil some of the personal responsibilities.


If you would not be available for certain hours in the day because you have to attend the parents-teachers meet at the school of your kids, or because you are dealing with some of the family issues, you must let your manager and colleagues know, in order to et support from them.

Fight the Guilt

You are not the superman or superwoman, and thus, you must understand that it is impossible for anyone to give 100% to their work or any other responsibility. So, stop feeling guilty if you miss a few farewell parties, at work or some get-together at home.